The Easy Way to Clean Your Waffle Iron

Lazy mornings and big breakfasts are the best!  The only bad part about fixing a nice big breakfast is cleaning it up! (My first course of action is to recruit some help from my big eaters!)  Have you ever noticed that waffle irons are not any fun to clean?  It’s because of the all of their little nooks and crannies. Let me introduce you to the easy way to clean your waffle iron. I like to let my waffle iron clean itself with steam!  The steam penetrates all of those nooks and crannies so all I have to do is wipe it off with the damp paper towel!

As soon as you are done with the last waffle, UNPLUG the waffle iron.

Take a single paper towel and run it under the faucet to wet it. Squeeze it out gently so that it is still good and wet, but not so that it is still dripping.

clean waffle iron

Place the wet paper towel onto the hot waffle iron. (Remember it MUST be unplugged first!) Close the lid and let the steam do the work.

clean waffle iron2

Be careful as the steam will be escaping out the sides!

After a few minutes, open the grill and carefully remove the damp paper towel.  While the grill is still a little bit warm (NOT HOT) wipe away the crumbs and greasiness!

clean waffle iron3

Next time you get out your waffle iron, you’ll be glad you did! It will be fresh and ready to go – almost as if it was brand new!


7 thoughts on “The Easy Way to Clean Your Waffle Iron”

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  2. This could not have come at a better time, I just got done making waffles for the kids (yea snow day). Thanks for sharing this little kitchen jewel!

  3. Hi, great tip thanks. Do you like your waffle iron? I want to buy one and this was high rated on, there’s a black and decker one also and its cheaper than this oster one, you would say it’s a really good buy? Hugs from Chile

  4. I just made a waffle, which left my iron a complete mess.. (Must not have been cleaned last time) This just saved my morning with the neices! You’re a doll, thanks so much!

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