Soft & Chewy Molasses Crinkles

Do you ever eat a delicious holiday treat and wonder to yourself “why don’t I make this all year round?”  (I say that about pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving!)  You will love these Molasses Crinkles and maybe they will become a holiday tradition for you!

Easy, No-Churn Coconut Ice Cream

Have you ever tried the ‘No-Churn’ method for making ice cream yet? Forget the ice cream maker, the ice, the salt, and the mess, time and effort of churning homemade ice cream! AND…it’s just as creamy (in fact maybe even MORE creamy) than churning it in a machine…

Valentine’s Sugar Cookies

My friend’s mom shared this family recipe with us, and I have to tell you…after I made this sugar cookie recipe for the Heart-Shaped Valentine’s  Cookies, I have never wanted to try any other! They are light, delicate and soft. When you bite into one, it literally tastes as lovely as Valentine’s Day!

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