Real Grass Easter Baskets

Real Grass Easter Baskets

Growing fresh, real grass in our Easter Baskets has become a tradition at our house.  I love to plant the tiny little grass seeds in the potting soil in the Easter Basket and nurture their growth.  It does require a little bit of planning ahead, so be sure to start your seeds about 2 weeks before Easter!

These are just regular Grass Seeds just like you would use to plant a new lawn.  I got them at the local feed store where I was able to buy them by the scoop.  You can also find them in bags on or at your local nursery. I only bought 2 ounces and I still had oodles leftover. I kept my leftover seeds in a brown paper bag and stored them in the cool, dark, basement. I have used them now for 3 years in a row and they still sprout!

easter basket with grass seeds

Line your basket with a plastic bag.  (You can barely see my plastic bag on the edges of the basket.) Then fill it with Potting Soil and add some water just until the soil is nice and moist.  Sprinkle the grass seeds on top of the moist soil.

spray bottle for easter grass

Cover the seeds with about 1/4″ of the soil and mist it with a spray bottle to moisten it. Then, “tent it” with a clear plastic bag (to keep the moisture in) and set it near a window where it will get some good sunlight. Continue to mist it with the spray bottle daily to keep the soil moist. After the grass is about 1″ tall, you can take off the plastic “tent”, but keep spraying it daily. As the grass gets taller, you might need to spray it 2-3 times a day. (The kids love to take part in this!)

(Spraying the grass, rather than pouring water into the basket it prevents the tiny little blades of grass from getting bent. A stream of water may be too strong for the little wispy blades.)

easter grass after 1 week

Here is the basket after just one week!  It’s getting there!  This project is fun & educational for the kids!

easter grass after 12 days

After 12 days, the grass is green and full and ready for some colorful eggs!   CLICK HERE for a fun way to dye Easter eggs using old silk neckties!

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