No Heat Curls Using Baby Socks


Did you know that you can get perfect curls with NO HEAT? Yes, that is right. No heat curls do exist and you can do this with baby socks! I love to curl my hair, but my ends get so damaged using heat everyday. My hair school instructor from Relik Salon taught me how to get these “No Heat Curls” at a salon class recently. All you do, is buy a cheap pack of infant socks, a can of hairspray, and you are ready to go.

How to Get No-Heat Curls Using Baby Socks

First thing to know, is the hair is DAMP when you do this. I tried doing it straight out of the shower once and they didn’t completely dry because the socks absorbed the water.

  • Take your package of infant socks and unroll the pairs.
  • Take a section of your hair (sections do not have to be perfect!), brush through it and give it a good spray with an aerosol hairspray to get even distribution or you can coat it in some moose. Remember that the smaller the section, the tighter the curl, I use big sections.
  • Then, place the ends of the hair across the toes of the sock and roll it up towards your head.BABY SOCK CURLS
  • When you get to the scalp, take the opening of the sock and turn it inside out over the roll of hair (just like you would attach two socks together when folding laundry).BABY SOCK ROLL CURLS
  • Repeat this over the whole head. You should look like this when you are done! …Maybe warn your roommates or husband that you are doing this, or even better, have them help you. It is easy.


  • The easiest step is to go to sleep. The socks are soft so it is much more comfortable than curlers. In the morning you will have awesome curls.

Check out this up-do that I was able to quickly do with my bouncy no-heat curls.

NO heat curls up do

Do you have any fun new ways to do No-Heat Curls?


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