Turkey Bacon Raspberry Panini

Turkey Bacon Raspberry Panini

Tonight I made my family’s favorite paninis. Now, at first glance at the title, some might say it sounds delicious, but the majority of you will be like, “Whaaaa?”.  All I can say is you just have to try it.  It has a perfect blend of salty and sweet and I love the texture that the grilled panini crust gives.  If you don’t own a panini press, but would like to change your life forever…invest in one!  You can spend a ton on these things, but you can watch Amazon for dips in prices and snag one when they go on sale. I own a Cuisinart Panini Press and have loved it since the day we brought it home.  Enough chit-chat! Let’s get to the recipe.

Turkey Bacon Raspberry Panini

2 Slices Cracked Wheat Sourdough Bread (Use whatever kind you like)


Raspberry Preserves

Fresh Sliced Turkey (I use Mesquite Smoked)

Bacon Crumbles (My Secret Weapon)

Smoked provolone


Pam (Olive Oil)


Heat up Panini Press.  Take your slices of bread open-faced, and spread mayo on one piece and spread raspberry preserves on the other.  On the mayo side, layer bacon crumbles, cheese, and then turkey. Top it with the raspberry preserve covered slice with the preserves on the inside of the sandwich. Leave the spinach out at this stage or it will wilt.  If your griddle is nice and hot, spray liberally with the Olive Oil Pam. ( This will give you a nice golden crispy crust.) Place the sandwich on the grill, press it down, and grill until dark golden stripes tell you it’s done.  Take sandwich out, open it and stuff with fresh spinach. A-ma-zing!

Tell us how you like it, and let us know what your favorite panini combos are!

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  1. Tonigjt my husband came home with a pound of deli turkey instead of ground Turkey so I had to find something quick for dinner using a pound of deli turkey. Ha ha this recipe popped up and luckily I had all the Ingrediants. I didn’t want to tell anyone what was in them for fear of getting grumbles! Surprise surprise they loved them and were shocked there was mayonnaise in them!!
    They were so good and perfect sweet and salty! (I used basic white bread because that’s all I had on hand. Still scrumptious. Will make again!! Thanks for saving the night!

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