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Toddlers Shopping Tips

tips for shopping for toddlers - great tips

This post is not sponsored by Carter’s but, after going in several times this month, I just wanted to share some toddlers shopping tips (especially for families with multiple kids because it gets expensive).

Tip 1.

I just bought several neutral color shorts that will work for both my girl this summer, then my boy next summer. “Neutral basics” is the tip of the day. Neutral basics are the best WAY to go when shopping for multiple kids. Here is why:

Grey shorts +pink shirt = girly girl.

Grey shorts +bug shirt = all boy.

Only buy one item for years of gender neutral use. Brilliant.

Those links are 50% off right now by the way.

Tip 2.

“If you love it, buy it.” I have thrifted a ton a baby clothes, and have gotten some good stuff there too, but when I say, “If you love it, buy it”, I mean buy it even if the price tag is a little higher than you would like, its ok to buy the $24 dress. I guess that am just validating your thoughts that when you LOVE it, you WILL get your moneys worth out of it.

For example, I had gotten a similar dress to the one in the header image, but in Navy Blue, last year during their clearance event. It became a staple for her because I loved it. She wore it through the summer and fall as a dress. Then wore it with leggings and a long sleeve under for winter. If I had a dollar for every day that she has worn it, I would triple my money. She actually still wears it despite it being slightly too small, thus the new one. Needless to say, it was fourteen dollars well spent. I am glad that it has worn wonderfully (no weird little ball things from washing weekly) and it will work great for a hand-me-down someday.

Tip 2.5

Hand-me-down? Bam. Money in the bank all over again.

Click on the picture to see her new dress from Carter’s. Choose from tons of styles and colors here.

discounted childrens clothing cartersJPG

Tip 3. 

Don’t be ashamed to buy up a size! Meaning, if you have a 6 month old, you can dress him in 12 month clothing. A little loose is just fine, they are kids!

Tip 4.

Around the age of potty training, they are going to be in the same size bottoms for a long time. Why? The diaper is bulky at 18 months, and fits their booty just right. Then at 2.5 years old, their new skinny undies make them revert to the size they used to wear at 18 months. Make sure to get easy on easy off at that age. No cumbersome buttons.

Tip 5.

SHOP SALES and clearance. Plan ahead and buy next years winter clothes when they go on clearance in the spring. ya baby.

These are my favorite deals right now. Such a bargain.

Shop Carter's

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