Simple DIY House Number Board

Simple DIY house number board

House numbers can really spruce up the exterior of your home. This is a simple project took literally 20 minutes from start to finish (once I had all my supplies).  I knew I wanted a black board to match my exterior shutters and front door, so I could have gone to Michaels or Home Depot for some wood to paint, but I was at IKEA picking up some curtains and I walked by these IKEA EKBY LAIVA shelves.  They were the perfect width and I knew I could just cut them to length.  Oh yes, and they were black.  BONUS!

I had already puchased my house numbers. I chose Hillman Distinctions because they are simple, yet elegant.  You can use whatever style you like, but for this project you need ones that attach with screws.  So here’s what you do:

1. Determine if you want your numbers vertical or horizontal and cut to your desired length.  (I chose to do mine about 22 1/2 inches went with a vertical layout because of the space I had to hang mine) Mark your cut, and then cut your board with a miter saw. Remember your safety glasses! Touch up the end with a matching paint.

2. Mark the mid line that your numbers will follow with a pencil.  Do the same to your numbers.  Match the mid lines and space them how you think looks best.  (I spaced mine about 3/4 of an inch, from each other and about 2 inches from the top and bottom).

3. Once you decide where you want the numbers mark the screw holes with a pencil, then remove your numbers.

Tip: With a nail, very lightly hammer it into your penciled screw locations. This makes a little pilot hole for your screws so when you cover them back up with the numbers you know you are in the right spot.

4. Once you have some small pilot holes, erase the remaining pencil markings, replace the numbers, and screw them on.  Done and done.



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5 thoughts on “Simple DIY House Number Board”

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    1. You can link to the actual numbers I used in the post. They are the Hilman Distinctions line, and are about 3.5″ x 6″. Let me know how else I can help!

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