pick the right paint color

How to pick the right paint color

How to pick the perfect color for your home

Different aspects including lighting, size of the room, and what you do in the room can affect the way a color and its finish work in a space. Check out these tips to take your walls from dull to dazzling.

Finish First

Gloss, semigloss, satin, eggshell, flat and matte—those are the choices of finishes for indoor house paint. Such a variety can cause confusion when you are waiting in line at the paint mixing counter. While you may think the color of the paint is the most important decision you have to make, choose the finish first. If you are painting a living room or bedroom, the superior finishes include eggshell, flat or matte. For a high traffic room, such as a hallway, bathroom, kitchen or child’s room, opt for a scratch and scuff resistant paint, such as satin or semigloss. Save the high shine look of gloss for woodwork or trim pieces that are super smooth, as this finish will accentuate imperfections.

Kaleidoscope of Colors

If you have an off-the-wall, no pun intended, color choice, such as the color of your Dutch tulips or your child’s hair, chances are great that you can get it mixed in paint. However, just because these colors are available doesn’t mean you need to go color crazy. For your bathroom, look for bright and light colors, such as blue or white, as these will help to calm your spirit for a spa like atmosphere. In rooms where you need a creative boost, such as your home office or craft room, go with purple hues, as this color stimulates creativity. Appealing colors for a bedroom are colors found in nature, such as light green or tan, as these will help to relax your mind. A popular choice for the kitchen is red as this stimulates your senses, while calmer colors including brown or gray are best suited for a warm and cozy living room.  I have one of these amazing Fan Deck of Paint Colors.  It helps so much to have it on hand, rather than go to the local hardware shop every time you need a new color swatch.  

Final Decisions

Before you commit to a color, take several shades on swatches and test them out. Tape these to the wall and look at the colors at different times of day to see how the sunlight, or lack thereof, affects the hues. You can also use apps that will help you digitally pick a color that will best suit your space. If you are having trouble picking a color from your choices, narrow these down by choosing only paints that come from a particular boutique paint line. By focusing on a single paint company, you’ll be able to pick from their preset palettes, which will help you in keeping a cohesive feel throughout your house.

Any helpful tips you have come across?  We would love to hear what has helped you pick the perfect paint color.

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  2. Hi! Any suggestion for cinder block front fence color? I was thinking of sage green and white.. is it okay?
    The cinder blocks been smooth finished but i let the mason put lines on them to be painted white.. thanx

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