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Earlier this year, I was able to attend the Renew U Women’s Spring Retreat. It was held in Bluebell, Utah. The Renew U Womens Winter Retreat will be in Utah on January 20-22, 2022. I wanted to write a review, to help the organizers gather some like-minded women to go be a part of this rejuvenating weekend. Part of the fun was meeting new people so come alone or with a friend!

In a few weeks, the Renew U Womens Winter Retreat will be at a beautiful private cabin in Fruitland, Utah. Here are some photos of the location to get you dreaming of a cabin getaway.

Renew U 2021 Womens Retreat Review

Last year, the RenewU Retreat was held at the LC Ranch in Bluebell, Utah. A quaint small town under the Uintah Mountains with a high desert vibe. It was a beautiful place. Remote. Peaceful. So many memories were made there.

Upon arrival it felt like a little slice of heaven. There were name tags on our beds and a bag full of goodies and gifts. Outside there was a lovely pond with canoes. In front there was yurt where we did yoga and socialized.We made make-and-take crafts. We went on a non strenuous walk/hike. We bonded at a campfire.

The food was catered by Liz Ivie from Nourish in Duchesne, Utah. We never had to think about what the next meal would be, we just knew it would be delicious and healthy.It was fun to get new meal ideas! Between meals, there was always good snacking options.

We attended mini-classes and participated in spa treatments.
There was also time for personal development and even time to do nothing at all, which was so nice.It was a chance to catch up, catch your breath and bring peace to the chaos of life.

One of the neatest things that the organizers did (that showed how detail oriented they are) was planned the last activity to be a make-and-take meal prep for when we got home. It was so nice to go home and not be overwhelmed by getting back into the thick of it, all at once.

This retreat was a nice chance to step away from the every day stressors of life and focus on renewing yourself. We filled up our tank to be able to share our best selves with others. This retreat was SO perfect and needed by many of the women that I interviewed. Here are some of their experiences.

All in all, we laughed, we learned, we listened, we ate delicious food, and were pampered. What more could a girl ask for?

You should really consider coming. Do you have a friend or family member that would come with you? Would you dare to come by yourself like I did? It was so worth it.

Reserve your spot HERE.

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