One Game, Endless Learning for Toddlers

Colored Cups and ballsI was provided with this darling colorful game from MamaMayI, in an exchange for a review on the blog. I was so excited because I have been super in to wooden and metal toys lately. I researched this one, and everything I read was that it provided endless learning for toddlers.  That really would be a dream come true because mine is filled with endless curiosity.

After receiving,  and opening the package, I thought that I would need to teach my daughter how to play this color sorting game, but she picked it right up. She scooped up the colors and put them in the corresponding cups. She not only was enhancing her color recognition skills, but she was learning the fine motor skills of scooping and placing the balls in a cup. She is developing quick reflexes catching the balls if they spill and start rolling away too.

Then it hit me. My daughter is going to be three at the end of the summer. She is ready for pre-school.



The more we played, the more I loved the game. It is so simple, but really encouraged my daughter’s imagination. She has used the cups to scoop to make all kinds of games. Every time, she comes up with a new way to play. This game really does provides endless learning for toddlers!

If you are looking for a super cute, and super fun toy for children, this should be on your list. Keep in mind that the pieces are a bit small, so if you have an infant, watch closely as they could be a choking hazard for the younger ones.

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