Getting Things Done

Getting things done

Lately, I have been having the hardest time with my daughter going to bed. The other night I heard her playing in her room at 1:30a.m. “Are you kidding me? Go to bed girl!”. For the next two days, she was a sleepy, grumpy, two-year-old. I thought that I was just lucky that she would sleep in so late, but now I know that she is just trying to finally get sleep in the morning, instead of in the night like she is supposed to. No wonder she is not a morning person. How on earth do you “make” someone go to sleep? You don’t, but something needs to change.
I was recently provided with an Ovia 2 Camera Video Monitor. Levana OviaIt could not have been better timing for me to get one of these and help me tackle the sleep battle by knowing when she is really asleep. And since I have got it, I have been able to do so many projects while they are sleeping.

Recently I started refurbishing old thrifted furniture and selling it at yard sales. I have needed a little more time getting these pieces ready.

I am also glad to have it to make sure she is safe while I am doing my “naptime” to-do list. Now, I can keep an eye on the kids to see if/and they go to sleep!

Here are some of the features:

1. Video! I can’t say enough about video monitors. Sound only monitors are helpful, but being able to SEE what they are doing, rocks. With this monitor, the image is pretty great quality. Not all video monitors are created equal.  The image is pretty clear with a higher frame rate than other monitors on the market if you want to get tech-y.With my sound only monitor, I could never tell what she was up to. She is big enough to get into some real trouble.

For example: Last year, I heard a big crash. I ran into her room to find her crying by her dresser that was laying on the ground laying on its front! She told me that she climbed on top of her dresser, opened the top drawer and climbed in. The top heavy weight caused the dresser to fall. Thank Heavens that she did not get hurt! It could have turned out poorly. It could have crushed her! We were blessed that day.

2. Talk To Microphone. This monitor not only lets you hear their audio, but you can push a button for a microphone and speak to them from across the house. How much better could that situation have gone if I was able to see her climbing up and say to her immediatly, “Get down, that is not safe”, and then go help her down?

3. Zoom and Pan feature. If she is not in bed, I can remotely shift the cameras view to find out what she is up to.  This is the only wireless movement camera out there. That means, I can always see that if not sleeping, are they at least playing safely?

4. Additional camera. I have two kids. In one screen, I can monitor both of my napping kids while doing projects with the split screen view. It allows me to get much more done.* Notice how they are not napping.leavana baby monitor

5. Built-in Camera and Video Camera. I love that you can record them! My daughter is a singer and my son is just learning to stand. This is a great way to capture those precious moments without interrupting. It stores on a micro SD card stored under the king size battery.

6. Music. I have not used this feature yet, but I think that it is a good idea for a crying baby. You can remotely turn on soft music to distract them to sleep.

Levana is a strictly monitors company, so their excellence is focused in one area of expertise. They have been leading in the industry.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.

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