No-Sew Bibdana Baby Bib Tutorial

Easy NO_SEW baby bibdana

My baby is a slobber monkey. Seriously. He could go through ten outfits a day if I wanted to be a supermom and change him every time he soaks his shirt.

Here is my new solution.


Such a great invention to wear a bib all day long {with style}.

I had this run down western shirt in my donation pile from when I worked as a river guide for World Wide River Expeditions. That shirt has seen some serious adventure. …   …  .…dreaming of the good ol’ days.

It is alway sad to get rid of things for me. I could easily be a hoarder if I didn’t like to organize so much. I am so glad that I came up with a thriftstore-makeover to create a new life for this shirt.

Here is how I made a no-sew baby bib from my sun-faded good-memories western shirt.thriftstore makeover


Shirt to Bibdana tutorial

No-Sew Bibdana Tutorial

    1. Go to your local thrift store and get a western shirt. Mine was a women’s medium.
    2. Cut out the back/shoulder (yoke) on the outside of the seams like this.

no-sew baby bibdana bib

3. Fold it down to create a straight top.

bibdana no sewing machine needed

4. Attach pearl snaps to the ends with a cheap kit like this.

pearl snap bibdana

5. Fold and glue the excess into the inside to hide the edge.

no-sew baby bibNo-sew bibdana

6. Find a baby to drool on it. Come on over if you can’t find one drooly enough.

easy bibdana-minbibdana-min

What do you think? Totally do-able right? If you make one, please send a picture to! We would love to see it!

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2 thoughts on “No-Sew Bibdana Baby Bib Tutorial”

  1. This is such a cool idea, and for the record my little niece is also a slobber monkey! I wonder if my sister has seen these before; she could really do a great job making her own for her daughter. I know she is planning on having another soon, so these would come in handy again, a little down the road. Really cute ideas, thanks for the post!

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