Last-Minute Simple and Cheap Halloween Decorations

Simple and Cheap Halloween Decorations

I have to admit, I am not the most festive person in the world. I don’t decorate for every holiday, but have came by some really simple halloween decorations that even I am willing to try. Here are four ways to easily festivize your home. Yes, festivize is a word. Ok, it’s not but it should be.

Plastic Wrap Skeleton or Ghost Mirror Cling


Mummy Door


Sucker Ghosts



Think temporary tattoo when you see these home decor decals. They are a perfect way to dress up the party or place on your centerpiece, and yes the decal images are free. You could use the halloween image on a white bucket to pass out halloween candy, or stick it on your door or window. The possibilities are endless. These decals can be applied to any light/bright colored surface. Sorry, it won’t show up on black. All you need to do is get this Decal Paper and a sealer to protect it from water. It prints  straight from your inkjet printer.


To download free printable click the image above and save it to your computer. Print onto decal paper mentioned above.

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