Easy Tip For Better Mashed Potatoes

Easy Tip to Make Mashed Potatoes More Flavorful and Creamy!While searching for the best mashed potato recipe, I found a tip on quite a few of the recipes…CREAM CHEESE!  I had never thought to add it to my mashed potato recipe, but it was amazing.  Here is my mashed potatoes (not low fat!) recipe:

5 lb bag of russet potatoes

1 stick of butter

Little bit of milk

8 oz.  Cream Cheese

Salt and Pepper to taste


I don’t peel my potatoes, mainly because I am lazy and I like the skins.  You can peel them if you are an overachiever!   I cut the potatoes in half and then half again, to make sure they are the same size.  Then I boil them for about 30 minutes, depending on how small or big your pieces are.  Keep checking on them and stick them with a fork.  If the fork goes in easily, then they are done.  Pour them into a stainer and then I put the potatoes in my KitchenAid Mixer, which I love!  I mix them up a bit until they are smashed, but not the mashed potato consistency (remember you will add more ingredients and you will mix them again).  Then I add the butter, yes a whole stick of butter, add more if you want (I usually want).  The heat will melt the butter nicely and then I add the softened cream cheese.  Mix that up until the butter and cream cheese are well incorporated.  Then add a splash of milk while the potatoes are mixing, I usually don’t add too much.  You can adjust the amount depending on the consistency you like.  I like thick and lumpy mashed potatoes.  Be careful not to over-mix your potatoes, they will get gummy.  No one wants gummy potatoes.  Gummy bears: yes, gummy potatoes: no.  Add your salt and pepper slowly.  You can always add more later.  Add a few pats of butter on top before you serve.  It can never hurt to have massive amounts of butter in your diet…I feel like that is a lie.  You make your own decisions about butter.  I choose to go all out when I make mashed potatoes, because some things shouldn’t be made low-fat: mashed potatoes, ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, etc.


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  1. My grandmother made the most amazing mashed potatoes in the world, and this recipe is very similar to hers. She peeled her potatoes ( classic overachiever ), used her ancient Kitchen Aid mixer to whip them, and always used carnation evaporated milk instead of regular milk. I’m officially hungry now!

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