DIY Santa Sleighs for Racing

Santa's sleigh races - How to keep kids entertained at your family party

Last Saturday, we had an extended family Christmas party. My aunt had a really fun game for us to play. It was perfect for all ages. She gave each of us:

  • a candy bar (everyone chose which kind they wanted)
  • two candy canes
  • two cinnamon wheels
  • a chocolate santa
  • Twizzlers Pull and Peel

The only rule was, the sleighs had to include all the candy provided, so no eating any of it until after the races. Once the candy was distributed, she had a table set up with low temperature glue guns for us to build our sleighs.

photo (3)

All the sleighs looked different. It was really fun to see everyones creativity. Some made sleigh tracks with the candy canes and some shaped them on top of the candy bar. I used the licorice as the side walls, but some pulled it apart for reins. I could hear the adults deliberating about reducing friction and weight distribution while the kids let their imaginations run wild.

While we built them, my aunt wrapped the top of a long card table with wrapping paper to create a slick surface and only  extended one side of the legs, creating a ramp/hill to race down.

To begin the races, she had each family compete against each other for the first heat, then against the winners of each family for the second. My brother got creative and slid his candy cane tracks on the butter pats leftover from dinner so of course he won.

This would be a perfect Christmas activity for any family. I think it would really come in handy to get the kid’s focus off of opening the presents and more on to spending time together.

Let us know if you try it! I will see if anyone has a video that we can share.

What fun activities do you do with your family on Christmas?

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