10 Different Ways to Make Chicken Wings

10 Different Ways to Make Chicken Wings

This week I have been craving some good chicken wings. I finally broke down and went to Buffalo Wild Wings and got takeout. Their sauce of the month was Honey Ginger, and it was divine. I wanted to find a recipe like theirs and decided that there are far too many really good chicken wing recipes out there. This is my first ever, hand selected, recipe round-up that will be so awesome to reference back to when I get the urge for wings again.

Here is 10 different chicken wing recipes that I want to try, very very soon.

All photo credit goes to the original recipe. Click the titles for the recipes.
  1.  Honey Ginger Chicken Wings Recipe from the Tasty KitchenTasty Kitchen - Honey Ginger Wings
  2. Classic Buffalo Wings from I Breathe I’m Hungry – (I will leave out the habanero! Thanks for making it optional.)I Breathe Im Hungry - Classic Buffalo Wings
  3. Skinny BBQ Wings From Gimme Some Oven– Fair warning: Pictures will make you very hungry.Gimme Some Oven - BBQ Wings
  4. Teriyaki Chicken Wings from Comfy in the Kitchen – Pure. Childhood. Nostalgia. – Mom made these a lot.Comfy in the Kitchen - Teriyaki Wings
  5. Jerk Chicken Wings from Blog Chef – Ashamed to admit, never tried Jerk Chicken. Ever. Looks amazing.Blog Chef - Jerk Chicken Wings
  6. Honey Mustard Wings from Sassy RadishSassy Radish - Honey Mustard Wings
  7. Sweet and Spicy Wings from Bon AppetitBon Appetit - Sweet & Spicy Wings
  8. Mango-Curry Wings from Huffington PostHuffington Post - Mango Curry Wings
  9. Honey Garlic Wings from Kirby’s Cravings Kirbys Cravings - Honey Garlic WIngs
  10. PB&J Wings from Food Wishes – Yes this is a real recipe.Food Wishes PB&J WIngs

I wish that I could line these all up and do a taste test. Maybe that would be a fun event, or party. Chicken Wing Cook Off!

If you have a favorite wings recipe, please share.

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