Get your copy of “Frozen” a month Early!

Get your copy of Frozen a month Early

If you have a tiny little voice in your house constantly singing “Let It Go“, or asking, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?“, chances are your kids have seen Frozen.  If they’ve seen Frozen, chances are, they are OBSESSED with Frozen. My kids saw it twice in the theater, and have begged me to let them watch You Tube clips from the movie ever since.  Please tell me we’re not the only Super-Frozen fans out there! I guarantee we’re not because of a recent development in the world of Disney. The Blu-ray/DVD release date is set for March 13, however, Disney must have heard the pleas of kids like mine everywhere.  Or maybe, they just saw the number of hits You Tube was getting off their material. Reguardless of their motives, their hearts were warmed, and they have agreed to sell the digital version early.  What!?!  My sister gave me the news yesterday, so I knew immediately what our family date night would be. After dinner I had the kids get their PJ’s on. I turned on the TV, got into our Amazon Prime account, but didn’t tell them what was in store.  My kids squealed when they saw Frozen come up on the menu. All day today the soundtrack has been running throughout the house.  We’re getting our money’s worth out of this one!

How Do you Get Frozen Digital Copy Early?

Here’s the link:

Frozen (2013) [HD]

Make sure to double-check the supported devices

FYI: If you’ve been considering getting Amazon Prime as a service through Amazon, this is the time to do it! Yes, you can link your devices, blu-ray player, DVR, game consoles, but here’s the clincher for me…Are you ready? You can link your account directly to your TV!  I don’t mind watching a movie on a device, but I would much rather watch it on a TV. We’ve had Prime for about a year and a half.  Free, 2-day shipping from Amazon was the reason I signed up, but the Instant Video is why I stay. There are a number of subscription programs and discounts available just for being a member. Learn more about Amazon Prime here.

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