How To Roll Your Own Sushi At Home

Roll your own sushi at home - so easy

This post is dedicated to my mother. She loves (with an emphasis in HATES) sushi. Ok, just kidding mom, I know you will NEVER make this, but the sisters will love me for making this “How to roll your own sushi” post.

For years, I have been making my own sushi and having sushi nights. It is so fun, and can be just as delicious as going out to a fancy sushi restaurant. Whenever we have guests over for a sushi night, it is a huge hit. Everyone likes making their own sushi roll as much as eating it!

Homemade Sushi Roll Your Own

What you need to make Sushi at Home

How to Make Homemade Sushi

Prep work, the morning of your Sushi night, make up a batch of Botan Rice. Place it in an airtight container and store it in the fridge so that it is cold. If you forget to prep rice, I have ran it under cold water to cool it faster but the rice is better un-rinsed.

Just prior to your guests arriving, slice your veggies very thin. (You want to be able to slice through the sushi roll with minimal effort.) I even like using a carrot peeler to get extra thin slices of things.

Now you are ready to build your roll.

It is important to remember that when rolling sushi, it is just like a burrito. The outside of the roll goes down first (like the tortilla), then layered so that the top layer is in the center.

On top of your sushi roller, place some plastic wrap that is longer than the length of the roller.

If you like seaweed, place a seaweed sheet- texture side up -on the plastic wrap. Then, dip your fingers in a glass of water and wet the seaweed just enough to soften it. Be sure not to make it too wet or it it will be soggy. Then cover the sheet in about 1/5 inch thick rice. Leave about 1/2 inch on the top and bottom so that the seaweed can seal. Dip your fingers in the water glass to keep the rice from sticking to your fingers. If seaweed is not your thing, simply skip this step.

How to roll Sushi

If you want fish on the outside of the roll, place thin strips of fish about 2-4 inches in length across the width of the roller. The length will determine the diameter of the sushi roll.

salmon sushi

Homemade Sushi Tutorial with lots of pictures

Homemade Sushi Tutorial

If you are rolling fish-less sushi, or would prefer it to be on the inner layer, you can just place rice down first.

Lay the rice about 1/2 in thick and about 4 inches in length across the width of the roller. Then, layer up the inside of the roll with whatever fillings that you want. Make this only about a 1-1.5 inch stripe in the center of the rice.

Now you are ready to roll it! This is the part that may take  a time or two to get used to.

How to Roll Your Own Sushi


See images above:

  • Image 1- Build your sushi roll
  • Image 2- Notice that as I pick up the roller, I use my pinky fingers to keep the plastic wrap up and out of the sushi roll.
  • Image 3- Use your thumbs to compress the roller as you roll it forward.
  • Image 4- Get a good seal with two rice ends touching.
  • Image 5- Compress the roll all the way across the width of the roll
  • Image 6- Peel the Plastic wrap and roller back, to expose the sushi roll. If it is not tight, try another compress. Or roll the next one tighter! It is all about the experience!

To cut your rolls use a sharp, non serrated knife. Dip it in a water glass with each cut so that the rice will not stick to the knife.

How to cut sushi easily - Homemade Sushi Tutorial

 No-Fish Sushi

Something that I like to do with all the scraps that fall apart is, start a scrap bowl. Then, use a peeler to make a long thin strip of cucumber. Roll up the scraps in the strip for a yummy sushi roll!

No Fish Sushi Recipe and Tutorial

No Fish Sushi Tutorial


So, what do you guys think! Will you give it a try? It really is so fun!

What is your favorite sushi roll? What does it have in it? I would like some new ideas to try!

4 thoughts on “How To Roll Your Own Sushi At Home”

  1. So fun! I’m absolutely going to finally give it a try. I actually went to an asian market to buy the rice, but couldn’t read any of the labels! Luckily I was able to ask another customer for ‘sushi’ rice and she pointed out what I needed. Now I just have to do it! 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial and inspiration!

  2. I was just telling my boyfriend today, that I would learn to make sushi. He LOVES it, I’ve never had it as I’m allergic to seafood so I stay away from most fishy things! 😀 I will definitely try some veggie versions though. Great pictures of the rolling process!

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