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Today is Earth Day! I thought that a re-purposed project would be a great tribute to this “green” day.  Today, I  have been sponsored by Green Works because they are celebrating the power in nature in their cleaning products. They have provided cleaning products for me to use and review. All opinions are my own.

Green Works has enlisted the acclaimed metal artist Rebecca Anders to turn scrap into sculpture, and some select bloggers to spread the word. This video is very inspiring to me and my repurposing habits. I want to be just like this woman. Wouldn’t it be awesome to repurpose things and make junk beautiful for a living?

Family and friends know that I am a thrift store junkie and I love re-purposing my finds. My most recent find is this old rusty desk. I paid $5 for it at a local thrift store. I thought that it would be perfect for my toddler who is learning to color with markers. Ugg. Markers.

I had an idea to refinish this desk with  a dry erase board top. That way she could color with the dry erase markers on paper, and if when some marker got on the desk, it would be a easy wipe up fix. Right? The dry erase markers that I used look very similar to the regular markers, so she would never know. Sneaky sneaky mom.

How to make a DIY Dry Erase Desk

First step:  This old school desk had years and years of kid cooties, dirt and slime on it. I had to clean up this bad boy. My weapons of choice was the GreenWorks Wipes and All-Purpose Cleaner. Green Works helps uncover the natural beauty around us from providing effective cleaners you can feel good about using in every room of your home to All-Purpose Cleaners that are powerful enough to kick-start an up-cycling adventure. (Found at Target in the Natural Cleaning Isle)

It was perfect for the job because Green Works provides naturally-derived yet powerful cleaners that are affordable.  I used Chalk Paint to re-finish the desk cubby. With chalk paint, you don’t need sanding or aggressive prep, so the all-purpose cleaner was a great option to get the grime off before painting. I used the GreenWorks wipes for the legs. I do love that there is a “green” option for household cleaning especially because my little one loves to help me clean.

Dry Erase Desk

For the top/dry erase portion of the desk, I used a dry erase paint from Home Depot. It is one of those two part mixes that you put together to create the paint. It ended up being WAY more than I needed. I wish that I had a few projects ready to paint before mixing the “time-sensitive” mixture up. You will need to let it dry for a few days before drawing on it.

Dry Erase Desk Clean

DIY Dry Erase Desk


diy - dry erase desk

Dry Erase Desk -

Also note, do not let the drawings sit on there too long (overnight) or it will stain the surface of the dry erase top. I learned that my first time when I painted the inside of my cabinet. After a coloring session, I now use a GreenWorks Wipe to get all the remaining marker pigment off. Works like a charm.

I’ll call this desk my “Green Work of art!”.

DIY Dry erase Desk -

So, you know how I said that this dry erase top was just a backup for when the marker “accidentally” went off the edges of the paper? Well, I had a moment of weakness. I couldn’t contain myself and showed her that I used a “Magic Paint” to refinish her desk so that marker couldn’t ruin it. Quickly after I spilled the beans, we had a pop quiz kind of conversation.

Me to Toddler: Can you color on… the walls?  Her: No.

Me: Can you color on… the bed?  Her: No.

Me: Can you color on… your clothes?  Her: No.

Me: Can you color on this desk (ONLY) with (THESE) markers?  Her: Yes.

Me: PASS. eek.

I allowed her to color on the desk for a while. I think that she had more fun erasing than actually coloring.

What do you think of this project? Have you ever tried Chalk Painting? Have you tried using GreenWorks products? I am so glad that they sent me these products to try. They have came in handy multiple times daily since I received them.



If you love this green cleaning movement, join the conversation online by following Green Works and using the hashtags #EarthDay and #GreenDIY.

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Also, how about a GIVEAWAY! Just leave a comment about what you want to up-cycle in your house.

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13 thoughts on “DIY Dry Erase Desk”

  1. I would love to upcycle mason jars and use them to make decorative wall sconces with candles inside to light.

  2. We redid the tiling in our master bath (floor, wall and shower) and have a lot of pretty tile left over that was unused. I already used some to make artwork and plan to use the rest for more creative pieces.

  3. I have an old table I want to make into a charging station for the kiddos electronics. I just have to find the time

  4. We had to install some new copper piping, and with the leftover copper pipes, I made a unique Copper Jewelry Stand that I put my necklaces and bracelets on! It is so gorgeous!

  5. nicole dziedzic

    I want to up-cycle these old mason jars that I have out in the garage and make some bird feeders to hang around outside my home.

  6. I would like to upcycle an old workbench that I have in the garage. I think I could sand it and paint it and bring it into the house as a nice seat in the mudroom.

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