10 Lifesavers You Must Know About When Pregnant

Ten things to get you through pregnancy

Some women have it rougher than others when it comes to being pregnant. My grandma for example, loved it. She says that she preferred being pregnant. She had more energy and was more cheerful.  My old boss always joked that they have so many kids (7) because his wife is a lot nicer when she is expecting. This, however was not the case for me when I was pregnant with my first. I would do birth ten times over if it wasn’t for the 9 months leading up to it. Here are some of the pregnancy hacks that got me through the nausea and discomfort.

10 Lifesavers You Must Know About When Pregnant

  1. Pregnancy Body Pillow – If you will notice, the top three are all about sleeping. If you are going to be getting up all night to pee, snack, pace the living room, you may as well be comfortable while you are in bed. This pregnancy pillow was a true lifesaver. You can put it between your legs to ease tension on your back and hips, you can snuggle up to it (especially dabbed with the essential oil of your choice. When your belly gets big and heavy, this pillow will even lift it up while you are laying on your side.
  2. Chairback Pillow Heartburn, heartburn, how I don’t miss you. The last several months of pregnancy, I had to sleep upright, to the side. This pillow was the base of my  pillow fortress that kept me upright and my esophagus happy. Also for heartburn, TUMS smoothies melt in your mouth so you don’t have to chew up chalk (I like Peppermint Flavor)
  3. Unisom & B6 – My doctor recommended this over the counter magic mix for sleep and morning sickness.
  4. Prenatal Gummy Vitamins – I know that these aren’t the highest recommended, but all I have to say is something is better than nothing. I started taking some swallowble vitamins and they were the WORST. It took all that I had not to puke them up whole. My friend recommended the gummies because I had reached my breaking point. The gummies were the ONLY way for me to go if I was to take any vitamin at all.
  5. Countertop Ice Machine – Drinking enough water was always a battle, but sucking on ice was a pleasure. If your freezer doesn’t make your ice taste like a freezer, try this ice cube tray.  But if your nose can smell the contents of your freezer in each ice cube like me, consider investing in a countertop ice maker.
  6. Candy Canes – Peppermint candy, gum, Skittles.. anything to mask the excess saliva you are producing.
  7. Cold eating- This one may be just me, but eating warm food seems to have more flavor ( and more flavor is not a good thing when fighting nausea). Cold cereals, smoothies, even cold spaghetti was my way of getting calories without flavor overload.
  8. Belly Band or the Rubber Band Trick – Even when your jeans aren’t tight, they feel tight. I liked having my belly band so that I never had to button up my pants. Or, on hot days, I would put a rubber band around the buttonhole and connect the button to the band. After a while though, I just turned to maxi dresses and never looked back.
  9. Essential Oils (Lemon and Peppermint) – Sniff sniff sniff to mask any unpleasant odors.
  10. Your own personalized – “THIS NOT THAT” craving list
  • Sour Candy – Kiwi Fruit
  • Chocolate – Nutella, Ovaltine
  • Greasy Fries – Baked Lays
  • Coca Cola- Caffeine Free Coke, Pelegrino

No, I don’t obey these all the time cause sometimes it’s all you can do to get something down.

What has been some of your pregnancy lifesavers? Let’s help our pregnant readers out!

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