How to Clean the Touch Screens On Your Devices!

How to clean the touch screen on your device - diy

If we really could see all of the creepy-crawly bacteria on our touch screens, we would probably never want to touch them again! There is a simple, inexpensive way to clean the touch screens on our smart phones, tablets and other touch screens without having to buy those expensive commercial screen cleaners!

It’s important NOT to use regular household cleaners or glass cleaners. like window cleaner, as they have an ammonia base and could damage your screen! You can make your own inexpensive and effective screen cleaner with simple white vinegar! The vinegar is an antibacterial, so this is the best thing to use to disinfect your screens without damaging them.

The recipe is simple:

1 part white vinegar

1 part distilled water

You can mix up these 2 ingredients and store it in a spray bottle, but DO NOT SPRAY it directly onto the screen as it might drip down and make it’s way into the device. (The spray bottle just works well to spray the solution onto your cloth.)

First, TURN OFF the device and make sure it has cooled down.

Next, dry-dust your screen using a soft cloth such as an old T-Shirt or Microfiber Cloth (available on

Then, spray a mist of the vinegar/water solution onto your soft cloth. (Not too much…just a mist.) DO NOT use sponges, regular towels, paper towels or even Kleenex. They are all too rough. Make long sweeping motions with the soft cloth to clean the screen and remove the fingerprints and spots. The solution will dry immediately and you are ready to go!

No more yucky screens! Your finger will glide easily over your newly cleaned touch screen!


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