10 Homemade Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

homemade easter egg decorating ideas

Looking for a fun Easter activity the whole family can enjoy? Why not try dyeing eggs! What’s more fun than watching the kiddos search under the bed, in the closet or behind the blinds for those colorful eggs that the Easter Bunny hid throughout the house overnight? There are lots of different techniques you can use to create beautiful and unique eggs. In this post, We have rounded up some of our favorite homemade Easter egg decorating ideas and some new tips too! Whether you’re looking for traditional colors or something more creative, We’ve got you covered.

Perfect Easter eggs begin well before you start the decorating process. It starts with choosing the right egg.  Avoid fresh eggs, they will be more difficult to peel.  Haven’t we all been frustrated trying to peel an egg only to have the white come off with the shell? Older eggs will give you a smooth, white outer egg when peeled.  Usually, the ones you buy in a carton at the grocery store will be a little older and just right for boiling and peeling.

Here’s the best way to get easy-peel eggs. Bring your pot of water to a full boil before adding the eggs. Make sure you have enough water that the eggs will be completely submerged when they are placed in the pan.  No need to add vinegar or soda to the water.  Plain old tap water will do the trick.  To avoid the risk of cracking the eggs, use a slotted spoon and gently immerse them in the hot water.  Turn the heat down to simmer and set a timer.  This is a critical part of the process.  If they are cooked too long, they may turn green around the edges and if cooked too short a time, the yolks will be soft and runny.  Set your timer for 10 minutes.  If they are extra large eggs you may need to add 1 more minute.

homemade easter egg decorating ideas

When the timer rings, be sure to remove your eggs from the simmering water.  You can put them in an ice bath for 3 minutes or just run cold water over them for 5 minutes.  This is to stop the cooking process.


It’s also possible to cook eggs right in the shell in your oven!  Who knew?  I just learned about this technique from One Little Project.  If you have trouble with your shells cracking this may be just the ticket to prevent that. It’s brilliant!  Instructions can be found here


Now let’s look at some super fun ways to decorate your eggs for this popular spring holiday. 


1-One of the newest and most yummy ways of decorating eggs is using whipped cream.  You can use real whipped cream or any frozen whipped topping.  This is great if you have little ones who like to lick their chubby little fingers.  Easy directions can be found here.  Thanks to the Suburban Soapbox.

2-If you want an idea for older kids, try these Glitter Eggs from A Little Pinch of Perfect. They will put a sparkle in your day and are irresistible.  You probably have everything you need around your house already and they are sure to make your Easter basket shimmer and shine.

homemade easter egg decorating ideas

3-Have you got old crayons around the house?  Clumsy Crafter demonstrates how to use crayon shavings to decorate your eggs.  Warning: the eggs must be hot and fresh out of the boiling pot to make this work, so if you’ve already boiled your eggs, look for a different technique.  This melted crayons method puts a glossy, waxy finish on your eggs that is fun and original.

4-Marbled eggs are easy to achieve with just the addition of vegetable oil to your dye or food coloring.  No need for plain, solid-colored eggs, when this technique is so easy. Sunshine Whispers gives you all the details and step by step instructions.

homemade easter egg decorating ideas

5- For stunningly elegant eggs, try using nail polish to color them. Nail polish comes in every imaginable color these days.  So get creative, use up some old nail lacquer and follow the directions from Hello Glow.  These DIY marbled nail polish eggs are elegant, glossy and will wow your friends.

6-Another idea from One Little Project is to tie dye your Easter eggs. Growing up in the 60’s this method definitely made me nostalgic for those crazy, colorful dresses and shirts everyone wore. Did you know that the process of tie dying dates back to the 6th century in China and Japan?  It’s been around for centuries!

homemade easter egg decorating ideas

7-If you enjoy decoupage, Hip 2 Save describes an easy method using just glue and lovely spring paper napkins.  Check out the spring-themed eggs and instructions here. With decorative tissue, you can make beautiful works of art that will be a showstopper in your Easter display. (Shutterstock photo ID 385358854)

8-Using silk ties from your local thrift store to color beautiful eggs is another option for the adventurous.  Pick out bold color ties for the best results and simply wrap your eggs and boil.  Check out this lovely silk tie eggs we’ve posted about previously!

9-Looking for a more natural way to dye eggs because you prefer not to use artificial dyes or colors—then check out The Kitchen.  Here you will learn to dye eggs with beets, cabbage, turmeric, tea, and more.  It is so fun to create your own colors and dye those Easter eggs naturally. You will be amazed at how vibrant the colors can be.

homemade easter egg decorating ideas

10-Springtime brings the robins back to our area and their little nests are filled with eggs which are the most lovely shade of blue.  To duplicate those robin eggs, here’s another natural method, this time using blueberries.  This idea comes from Freutcake.  Your eggs will be hard to tell from the real thing.

There are so many different methods you can use to create beautiful and unique-looking Easter eggs. From traditional dyes and food coloring, to special supplies, there are endless possibilities for creating stunning pieces or art. You can even try out new techniques such as marbling, nail polish dyeing, or fabric dyeing for an extra special touch. So grab your supplies and get ready for some egg-cellent fun!

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