Which Coconut Water Is Best? Taste Test

Coconut Water Taste Test. And the winner is .... Our neighbors introduced my husband and I to coconut water last week. We loved it! She told us that some brands are better than others. Wouldn’t you think that water from coconuts would all taste the same? I guess not! Some are made from young coconuts and others have pulp or lime flavoring added. We live near the local whole foods grocery store called Good Earth, so, we went over on the hunt to find the best one. There were over 10 options!  We decided to get one from every brand to try. We got two (one with pulp and one without) of the kind that we had tried at our neighbors house because we knew that we liked it. When we got home we did a blind taste test and this was the results. Meet the contestants.. Coconut Taste Test Competitors Watch our YouTube Video here to see it in action! coconutwater

!I used the bracket maker here. If you have never tried this stuff, watch out! You may end up ordering it by the case!! With all of the extra opened cans, we put it in a large mason jar and use it for the base of our green smoothies! So delicious!

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  1. ZICO chocolate coconut water! I’m not crazy about plain coconut water. This stuff is dreamy & delicious. I can’t have any dairy, but I’d love this even if I could! So far, Walmart has the best price. Smiths sells it, but their price is over a dollar a bottle more.

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