Wacky Waffles for Kids


Wacky Waffles for Kids - Olaf Waffle

One day last winter, I was in no particular rush to get out of the house and decided to try making a snowman waffle for my daughter. She was only one year old then, so I am sure that I was more amused by them than she was. It got me on a wacky waffle kick.  Here are some of the shapes that I tried.

First, the snowman.

Waffle Snowman and other fun ideas

Next, I made circles in every size to make a Christmas Tree

How to make a waffle christmas tree and other fun ideas Waffle Christmas Tree and other fun ideas

Then, a tractor for grandpa Buddy.

Waffle Tractor

A man with a top hat,

Wacky Waffle Man and other fun ideas

a house,

Waffle House and other fun ideas

and a church!

Waffle Church

Try making some shapes and putting them together in a fun way! What ideas come to mind?

Watch this quick one minute video of the fool-proof method for making shapes.

Here is a fun way to entertain kids on Saturday morning, or to spend some quality time with your Valentine.

Here are some fun ones that I have done since my first experimentation..

 images coming soon

waffle creations

Hope you like these ideas! Have fun with it!




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