Up-cycle Your Hanging Flower Pot

Up-cycle your hanging flower pot

The cold is here and the leaves are all changing to the fall colors. It is so pretty to look out my window but I have an eyesore hanging from my porch. My mothers day gift from my husband has officially died and I have left it there for too long.

As I was unhanging it to throw it in the dumpster, I had a hair-brained idea. What if I replace the flowers with some old silks that I have tucked away. I love flowers, now I can enjoy a bright display a little longer.

See the pictures for the steps. The root filled dirt made a great base to stick the fake flowers in to. I hope you try it!

Flowers are something that always bring me joy. We currently rent, but for when we buy a house and have a flower garden, I will need some gardening advice. What are your favorite flowers and why?




5 thoughts on “Up-cycle Your Hanging Flower Pot”

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  2. I bought some cyclamen plants cheaply from a market and planted them in a hanging basket about two weeks ago, and they are flowering away. Will make a beautiful display through the winter.

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