Tinted Hard Boiled Eggs

How to determine if your egg is hard boiled

Did you know that if you put an egg on its side and spin it like a top, it will go upright if its hard boiled and will stay horizontal if its raw?

Last week, my husband confused a hard boiled egg for a raw egg while trying to make his breakfast. This mishap inspired this post, a little trick that I will start doing to make sure there are no more confusions. There are many ways to identify which egg is which, even as simple as a sharpie marker (what I normally do). My mother in law uses a more festive way, food coloring.

photo1Simply add several drops to your boiling water while you are cooking them, that’s it. Or if you are making hard boiled eggs in a toaster, add several drops coloring to your ice bath and maybe a squirt of vinegar too.


How do you mark your cooked eggs?

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