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The 3 Best Card Games for Beginners

The reason I included the term “Beginners” in the title of this post is because there are those of you out there who are hard-core card players. This post probably isn’t for you. You know who you are. You know intricate, secret rules to every working game. There is no tolerance for chit chat, and if someone deals too slow, they are booted out.  I haven’t reached the status of  a “hard-core” card player. I have, however, graduated to a “casual” card player and can, therefore, spread some of the knowledge I have to the “Beginners” out there looking to move up in the ranks.  These three games fun games you can get your feet wet with. They are great options for family vacations or just a weekend in.


1. Scum

This is a game that has a combination of the luck of the deal, light strategy, and gives you the ability to move up or down in status (which also results in a change of seat).  You get to mingle among commoners and royalty alike.

Click HERE for the full description of the rules.


2. BS

How well can you bluff?  I’m not saying you need to, but in case you do, how well can you do it? This game is a good mix of luck, light strategy, and well, calling your friends out. If you can’t lie, you better learn to fast or you won’t last in this game.

Click HERE for the full description of the rules.


3. Five Crowns (King Crowns)

This game is most easily played if you have somewhere between 2 – 7 people.  It is a longer game where you are trying to lay down grouped sets of cards and have the least amount of points at the end of each round. You keep track of points every round and tally them up at the end. The person with the least amount of  point wins. It’s really not complicated, and really addicting. Trust me once get the hang of it, you’ll be hooked.

Click HERE for the full description of the rules.


Now go have fun! What are some of your favorite card games?

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