Synthetic Halloween Wig Maintenance

Halloween Wig Maintenance

It’s Halloween and your costume bag is stuffed full from years of piled up costumes. The wig from a few years back, that you were planning wearing, has gone from Snow White Hair to Zombie Hair. If you think its impossible to get it back to the smooth lustrous locks, think again. This trick works like a dream.

You will need:

  • Water
  • Fabric Softener
  • Spray Bottle
  • Paddle Brush
  • Boar Brush

photo-7First combine 1 Tablespoon Fabric Softener to 4 Tablespoons water in the spray bottle. Shake Well. Turn the wig upside down and mist all of the hair until it is damp. Start with the paddle brush at the ends and work upwards toward the cap. Detangle it almost completely. You may have to get aggressive. Once the tangles are gone, re-spray the wig (upright this time). Place it on your head and use the boar brush to shape and smooth the hair. Vwa-lah! Beautiful smooth synthetic hair.

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Also try this on doll or barbie hair.

Have you ever tried something like this? What other ways have you done it?

16 thoughts on “Synthetic Halloween Wig Maintenance”

    1. Really? That is strange! What does your wig like? I worked great for me. I did have to brush pretty aggressively in the detangle stage from ends to roots if that helps.

  1. I have found that if your synthetic wig is too far gone & starting to look a raccoons tail its time to either cut and create or trash and forget it. Fabric softener works wonders and I recommend to anyone still using synthetic.

  2. I have worn human and synthetic wigs for 45 years and I have used fabric softener to keep them soft and untangled. Maybe you didn’t use enough of the softener?

  3. Hi, I wash my synthetic wigs in a mild soap (letting them soak a while to loosen oil and hair spray), rinse out soap, then I put fabric softener in the final rinse. I use only slightly warm water, and never wring the water out. I squeeze the wig to get some of the water out and then put it in a towel and squeeze again. I shake, finger fluff it to loosen the hair. place it on a wig stand and dry in it the bathtub. I shake the dry wig, pin it on and use a pic to style. No one ever guesses that I wear a wig. I usually buy lite weight wigs (mine are 1.9-2 oz.) or have someone thin them so they don’t look so ‘wiggy’. I always shake them before I place it on and never use a brush on it (only a pic). I buy my wigs at Beauty Trends. Since I wear a wig every day, and using 2 at a time to rotate, I go thru about 2 wigs every 8 to 9 month. ( very reasonable) I hope this helps someone.

  4. You just saved the day! My daughter needed to wear one of her cheap-o wigs that was buried in the bottom of her dress-up clothes. This actually worked! Thank you so much!

  5. You’re missing a huge step here. Wash the wig with laundry detergent, any brand will do, and although fabric softener will help, the reason why you needed to ‘brush agressively’ as you put it simply is due to the lack of a coating to help detangle the wig.
    Furniture polish – non-aerosol is best, will detangle a synthetic wig and aid in a silky newly bought feeling.
    Ask a drag queen ladies. We know best 😉

    1. I never advocated brushing aggressively. I stand with my method as it has served me well for 45 years, Reread my instructions. I shook my wig and used a pick, let it air dry.

  6. This works wonders on hair extensions too. I bought some used from a friend and they were in desperate need of tlc and I tried this and it was like I bought them brand new.

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