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Summer is in full swing at our house. The kids are looking for something new, and exciting to do, and I am always looking for educational productive activities to steer them toward. I caught wind of this exciting new exhibit coming to the Leonardo in my home town of Salt Lake City. Generosity by Indigogo is currently running a crowd funding campaign for the exhibit. It is called FLIGHT, and you can link to it HERE. It is going to be a killer addition to the already amazing Leonardo.

The reason I’m trying to get the word out about this amazing campaign is because everyone who supports it is going to get to go see FLIGHT at a fraction of the cost of the regular price for admission. The regular price of admission at the Leonardo is $13 per ticket. For a $5 you pledge, you get 1 free admission. If you have never been, this is a great opportunity to come see all the amazing thing the Leonardo has to offer.

Here are some of the details about the FLIGHT Exhibit:


The exhibit  will showcase actual, real-life WWII era planes

The first featured plane will be a giant, C-131 aircraft. This aircraft flew in WWII and has been sitting in a boneyard in Arizona for 50 years. It was recently bought and restored. This aircraft is so large that to get it into the museum, part of the wall had to be removed to accommodate it. The wingspan is so big that it only clears the walls of the exhibit by six inches on either side! The plane has 2 million rivets in it, welded in by hand.

The 2nd plane featured will be a Russian MiG-21 Fighter Jet. The kids will love exploring the differences between the two planes.

The FLIGHT exhibit is for ALL your senses

This exhibit is not just for observation. You can actually get on top of the wings of the plane. You can climb in the cockpit and play with all of the buttons and levers. There is even a huge slide coming out of the back. The kids are going to LOVE this!

There will be plenty of interactive, educational activities

These additional interactive activities will teach visitors about three different types of flight. Buoyant flight (hot air balloons), Aerodynamic flight (airplanes), Ballistic flight (missiles and rockets).

Three hyper-realistic flight simulators

Simulators will be provided by Rockwell Collins.  You can fly all sorts of missions, planes and other things to get your blood pumping.


Does this sound like an amazing activity to take the kids to this summer or what? Follow the link for the FLIGHT fundraising campaign to claim your admission tickets to this amazing exhibit.

In a nutshell, here are the donation levels I am most excited about:

$5 Donation: You get 1 admission to the exhibit, and some flight wings

$15 Donation: You get 1 admission to the exhibit, and a bomber hat and goggles

$30 Donation: You get 4 tickets to the exhibit, bomber hat and goggles, plus a treat at the cafe.

$50 Donation: You get 5 tickets to the exhibit, an exclusive VIP pass to the pre-opening of the exhibit where you will join the other VIP’s and fill the Salt Lake skies with paper airplanes thrown from the top of the Salt Lake City Library, plus all of the benefits of the lower level donations.


For any other general questions you may have, visit http://www.theleonardo.orgHope to see you there!



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