SKORCH Messenger Bag Review

my new favorite bag

Have I ever told you that I am a bag lady? Yes, I am a bag lady.
What is a bag lady?
Urban dictionary says its a poor woman that uses bags to transport things.
So kind of, but I just meant I love bags. I love to compartmentalize things.
Hand bags, duffle bags, backpacks, messenger bags, you name it. I store things in bags so they are always ready to go. Soccer bags, pool bags, diaper bags and there are even bags inside my bags. For example: a makeup bag inside my purse.

I recently received this new messenger bag and I was asked to do a review.

scortch messenger bag 2

SKORCH Messenger Bag Review
This bag is advertised as a unisex bag. I can verify that. I got it for me on Amazon, and when it arrived in the mail, my husband said, “Ooo, is that for me?”.  Then we went to up the canyon to do some tin-foil dinners and my sister-in-law said, “Ooo, I like that bag.” Back and forth, compliments by both men and women.

scortch messenger bag

I really like the color. The tone of blue is perfect. Not to flashy, but enough to add a slight pop of color. Earthy color.
The design is simple and clean.
The logo is found on the front leather patch and is subtle. A passerby would not be able to read it, but a close friend would be able to make out the impression to know who it was made by.
The straps are comfortable when the bag is loaded heavy because they are wide. 
The closures are magnets for quick and easy access.  The magnets however, are strong enough to stay closed when walking at a brisk pace.

I like that it can hold just a few things, or it can be loaded up. This is big enough to hold these things:


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