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Repurpose Cardboard Bottle Holders

There is a great little soda pop and candy shop near our house. They have bottled sodas from all over the world. It’s a really fun date to go and get a few bottles for tasting. Something clever that they do, is bag things in the bottle boxes that their soda comes in. I love these bottle boxes , they are great for repurposing and organizing. This is how I repurposed my most recent 4-pack bottle box.

How to Repurpose Cardboard Bottle Box Holder

First it starts out as a plain and simple drink box.


Next, spray paint it the color that you want. I chose gold.

Last, wait for it to dry then fill each space. I used my repurposed drink box for organizing hair products on my bathroom shelf.

What else could you put in these bottle boxes you ask? Lets get creative together.

  • Plastic dinnerware for a party
  • Condiments at a picnic
  • Oil and Vinegar/Salt and Pepper Grinder in the kitchen
  • Pens, Pencils and Markers
  • Remote Controls
  • Bedside organizer

What would you put in a repurposed bottle box?

3 thoughts on “Repurpose Cardboard Bottle Holders”

  1. I don’t have room for all the boxes of foil, plastic wrap, wax paper, etc., in my drawers so I put them in one of these boxes under my prep sink. Now I need to make mine pretty! That was a great idea!

  2. Although I have heard of doing this with old soda/beer cartons I had forgotten how unique this idea is. Thanks for the reminder. I’m doing mine tomorrow to corral all my brushes, combs & hairspray.

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