Remodel a Camper on a Dime

Disclosure: Instant Granite was kind enough to send me the coverings for free (happy dance), and I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to test out their awesome wallpaper! Remodel camper on a dime

Hey everyone!

Winter is here and freezing temperatures and snow have put a complete halt on this fun little project of mine. I want to show it to you even though it is not 100% complete. I want this information out before spring comes around so you can start shopping the classifieds for CHEAP campers in the off season.

While you are looking into buying a pre-owned or vintage camper, keep in mind that you really only need to pay attention to the basics. How does it pull? How much does it weigh and can my vehicle pull it? Does the stove work? Propane heater? Fridge? Lights? Make sure all the important parts are in working condition, then you can work with the cosmetic stuff.

As for the esthetics, did you know that you don’t need to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars when you want a fresh new look on your camper? I wanted to see what I could do with less than $200. It is amazing what a difference a little TLC can do. I can’t wait for spring to show the final before and after photos, but here are some progress photos for a sneak peak.

How To Remodel a Camper on a Dime

I have been seeing a lot of really fancy camp trailer makeovers and it looks so fun to do but, honestly, I don’t want to put so much time and money into something that we will just be camping in, so instead of making a fully remodeled “glamper”, I just added some character to an otherwise dated bumper pull camp trailer that will no doubt increase its value when it is time for an upgrade.

Here are the main things that I did to remodel/makeover my camper trailer on a budget:

  1. Spray paint the Exterior – I used Rustoleum Spray Paint 12 cans total $60
    spray paint camp trailer
  2. Resurface the table tops – I used Instant Granite (My favorite! Check out this kitchen remodel that I used in our first home). $80cheap fake granite
  3. Paint the cabinets and/or walls – I used Masking tape, Newspaper, and Rustoleum Spray Paint Price included with exterior price calculations above.
  4. Add a microdot wallpaper to add style РThis is a new removable and easy to install wall covering product that was custom designed by request from Instant Email them for a quote at info@applianceart.comremovable wallpaper
  5. Add new linens and cheap throw pillows – As always, from Amazon. $12.89 for a 3 pack.

By the way, if you are paying attention to detail and were wondering, the silver camper in the featured image is another one of my projects that is completely done, and will stand as a fill in image until the weather is clear enough to get before and afters taken of my Green Cactus Camp Trailer.

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