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There is a local company here called Ken Garff that has put together a series of videos that we are able to view before they went live to the public. They are all part of a series called Project Listen.  I typically only share videos like the one I am going to show you on our social media platforms, but we are a member of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network, we were asked by Ken Garff to participate in a campaign to spread these inspirational message to our readers. Because of the specific content, we wanted to share it on the blog as well.

The initiative they are trying to spread is a simple message that I think we can all gain from. It is all about stopping to listening to those around us. We don’t know what others have gone through or are currently going through, or even what we might have to go through in the future . Despite all the unknowns, if we truly listen, we can change lives. It’s a beautiful message, and it caused me to assess this in my own life, and to connect with others in order to make positive change.

I know several people in my life who have gone through great hardships. From the outside, you wonder what makes them get through all that they are going through. When asked, the most common answers I hear are, faith, and the people around them. I know that listening is not simply passive task for people that make sincere change. It is a very proactive task. It is sometimes difficult. It is is a skillset that you have to develop. I know that when people really improve their ability to “listen” it creates connections that can alter who we are, and better the lives of those around us.

I would love to show you all this beautiful video. You can find this, and other inspiring videos at

I would like to thank Ken Garff for letting us be a part of their project. You can follow them on Facebook at or on twitter at

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