Making Bread Beautiful

How to make bread beautiful

There is one simple trick to never forget when baking bread, the egg wash! It is important to shape the bread to make it look beautiful, but, there is one more step to getting the “WOW” factor.

All you do is crack an egg into a dish, whisk it with a fork, then use a soft basting brush to brush over the top of the shaped dough.

egg wash

When it comes out of the oven, its shiny and perfectly golden. It is such an easy thing to do, I won’t ever skip it again.

Here is one with the egg wash, and one without. You can tell which is which.


2 thoughts on “Making Bread Beautiful”

  1. The same effect can be gained by wiping the bread with a smidge of butter (on a corner of some paper towel/waxed paper). Or even a short spray of PAM. Saves an egg, makes your bread beautiful.

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