Makeup Primer Drugstore Dupe


Did you know that there is a WAY cheaper way use foundation makeup primer? When you go to the the beauty stores, you can spend so much for so little. Why not save a little where you can, and try something new?Primer Dupe

If you will notice, the ingredients to this Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel and other primers are almost exactly the same.Almost the exact ingredients as an expensive makeup primerWhen out of the tube, you can hardly tell a difference. The Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel goes onto the skin smooth and silky, just like the primer. When makeup is applied on top of it, the skin looks more smooth and the makeup lasts.primer dupes

If you don’t wear foundation but do wear eye makeup, this is great for that. Eye makeup primer can reduce eyeshadow creasing and make a more natural and blended look when using multiple colors.

Give it a try! You won’t even be able to tell the difference, but your wallet will..

Have you ever used Monistat Chaffing Relief Powder Gel for a primer? What did you think? Amazing right?

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5 thoughts on “Makeup Primer Drugstore Dupe”

  1. I learned about this several years ago, and have never bought regular makeup primer. I have bought BB cream. My face is normal with off and on tendencies toward oily, and the combo of sunscreen and the Monistat gel primer gets seriously greasy. I should wear sunscreen all of the time, but I just don’t. So the chafing gel is my go-to if I’m doing makeup in the evening.

  2. I found this about a month ago. So far so good best primer ive used. Leaves my pallete smooth and even. Thanks. Also read somewhere its the same ingredients that are in smashbox primer (makers of Max Factor).

    1. Really? My friend loves the Smashbox Primer. Isn’t it interesting that it can be priced so cheap depending on what it is branded or labeled as?

  3. be very careful in the use of this and other products that contain dimethicone. it is a chemical coating that covers skin with a rubber like substance. yes, it fills in lines and creases and leaves a smooth surface – but what it also does is prevent all of the skins natural processes, and its coating traps sebum, bacteria, and can create a dependence on the product that in the long run can leave skin dryer and MORE acne prone. it is also NOT biodegradable – which is unhealthy for both your body and skin as well as mother earth.

    the best primer is to start with healthy skin that is well hydrated inside and out. experiment with the following ingredients to come up with the best ratios for what works best on your skin.

    vegetable glycerin
    aloe vera gel (directly from the leaf, or from a bottle)
    jojoba oil or coconut oil
    vitamin e capsules – poke a hole in to get the oil inside
    to manage oily skin, add arrowroot powder
    for acne prone skin, add a drop of tea tree oil
    for tint, add natural mineral powders

    make small batches and try them – see what works best for you. for the healthiest skin, stay well hydrated by drinking plenty water. avoid artificial chemicals, petroleum based products; using only pure, natural ingredients – natural carrier oils, essential oils, products that can be consumed or those derived from plants (aloe vera gel, glycerin).

    mix and store in clean jars and bottles. know which products need to be kept cool, which need to be stored in amber bottles/jars, which need to be store away from light. do your research and don’t assume that everyone knows everything. find out for yourself, be creative and make products that work for YOU and YOUR skin.

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