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Kids Playroom Ideas

kids toy room ideasToday I am sharing with you some kids playroom ideas because toy room design has been on my brain for a few months now.

20 Kids Playroom Ideas

Cafe Playroom

This is our IKEA sponsored toy room. My kids love it.


See more pictures and get FREE Downloads here. 

More Themed Playroom Ideas

Artist This is the perfect art nook if your child loves to create art.

toy room ideas artist

Farm Theme This charming little cowboy toy room is so cute. A custom barn shelf and cow print curtains.

toy room ideas farm

Alphabet Blocks Theme This room is incredible. The entire wall looks like stacked alphabet blocks. The blocks are doors for hidden toy storage.

toy room ideas blocks

Playing House Hickman Interiors created an actual house to go play house in. Here is a way to do this house playroom under the stairs.

play room ideas playing house

Indoor Tree House This room looks like you have walked in to a cartoon. A child’s imagination can run wild and free in this tree house play room.

play room ideas tree house

Hippie Tee Pee Playspace For a book lover, butterfly chaser, this darling kids space will melt your heart.

toy room ideas tee pee

School House Playroom For the younger siblings that stay home while their brothers and sisters are at school, they can feel big playing with school supplies in a play space like this.

toy room ideas pottery barn

On Stage There is nothing cuter than a little kid singing and dancing on stage. This play corner gives them the attention that they deserve.

play space ideas toy room stage

Cars Playroom This is the ultimate table for any child to play and race their cars on.

toy room cars

Outlaws This closet turned outlaw cave is perfect for your little robbers.

toy room hideout cowboys

Super Mario Playland – Here are some plans to create a playroom that looks like you are bouncing though a level of Super Mario Brothers.

Functional Kids Playroom Ideas

Clean, Functional & Organized This is a very popular IKEA hack. Using the Expedit Shelves laid down on the side to use as a bench with toy storage baskets.

organized toy room idea

For Active Children This playroom has a trapeze and a rock climbing wall. Very well done to get out all the wiggles.

active children play room

On a Budget This toy room utilizes painted wood crates to organize and display toys and books. This is a great way to create the look without the price.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 5.06.45 PM

Compartmentalized Playtime This pin shows how someone altered a dresser to have separate play areas. Clever.

toy room dresser hack

On The Go These cute totes double as organization and a portable play space. See these take and go kitchen box and the cars box.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 5.07.45 PM

Magnet Wall – Mount a tray or a metal sheet to a wall for hours of entertainment for your kids in their playroom.

magnet wall toy room

Match the Home Kids Room Ideas

Modern Playroom Idea If you have a modern home, and want the play room to match your space, you must see this modern kids room.

modern toy room

Nautical Just enough nautical without going to strong on a pirate theme kids room. This is great if combining a play space with a living space.

nautical toy room idea

Let me rant for a moment on mounting EVERYTHING to the wall.. As we all know, kids are the worst. Ok, not really, but sometimes they don’t thing about what would happen if they try to scale a bookshelf or a dresser.

Ikea gives FREE wall mounting kits to keep your kids safe.

It’s one of those “NIKE things”. Just do it. It may save a tiny little precious life.

playroom safety

I hope that you love these kids playroom ideas, I sure do.

It has been so fun planning our playroom, thinking and searching out new kids playroom ideas and finishing our play cafe.

What do you think? Cute huh?

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  1. I loved your personal toy room idea. It seems the kids can have a lot of fun in the café themed room like the cutie pie on the third pic. 🙂 Keep up with the good work and creative ideas

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