How to Revive and Regenerate Your Celery With One Easy Technique

I have learned two really neat things about celery in the last few years. Today, I want to share these things with you.

Did you know that you can turn a stalk of limp “trash-worthy” Celery into crunchy, ready-to-eat, stalks and then use the base to grow another stalk? I have tried it, and it really works. I put pictures at the bottom to show you proof!

How to Revive and Regenerate Your Celery

Take the limp bunch of celery and cut all of the stalks off leaving about a 2 inch base.

Put the limp stalks in a wide mouth cup of water.


The stalks will firm up within hours and look as good as new.


Poke a few holes with the knife in the bottom of the base with the tip of the knife. Don’t go crazy with it, just a few.


Then, place the base in a pan of water. I used my Pyrex Glassware, one of the best wedding gifts ever!


The base will actually grow another entire bunch! This picture is taken after 10 days. I am ready to plant them in the ground now to grow to potential. Growing them can take up to 5 months so start saving the bases and have celery growing year round.

Do you know of any other vegetables that will do this?


26 thoughts on “How to Revive and Regenerate Your Celery With One Easy Technique”

  1. i tried this and was soo happy because it worked. I was making a salad real late at night for a lunch party the next day and realized my celery was limp. So I remembered seeing something on Pinterest and was soo glad I found it. Thank you because you saved the party.

  2. Celery will keep better wrapped in Aluminum Foil. You can even cut the bottom off before wrapping so you can get a head start on the “new” celery plant.

    1. You can also wrap the celery in a paper towel, and dampen it (don’t drown it tho) with water planted with your fingertips. Then either put it in a ziplock bag or lock ‘n lock (Tupperware, Rubbermaid, whatever works). The celery will last for weeks if you don’t eat it first.

  3. Green onion is super fast growing using the same method no need to plant in soil. Just put the white root ends in water in a window.

  4. You have no idea how much celery I have thrown away because it has gone limp. In fact I have some celery right now I am trying this with. I hope it works cause that will save my husband a trip to the store after work to buy said celery so I can make potato salad for a party tomorrow.

  5. Carrots do it too. but hold them with tooth picks so they don’t touch the bottom of the jar. They will grow roots within a day or two. Plant and you have more.

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  7. Romaine lettuce can be grown back when cutting the bottoms off I grew a bunch last year, I even grew iceburg for a little bit. When I popped the bottom out it had a few new leaves and I put it in water and it grew!

  8. Do you know of any other vegetables that will do this?
    You can re-grow any plant not just vegetables, just the same way as you did. I was doing it even with dead and dry piece from Tree of life (20 cm), just same as You did, half in water and half out on air, just add water like rain every day on the plant to be wet the upper half.

    1. I don’t know about putting them in water, but you can take your old, soft, even rotten, potatoes and grow new ones from the old potatoes. Instead of throwing them out, cut them up into medium to large pieces and plant them in loose mounded soil, and I promise, they will grow. I leaned this by accident. We threw rotten potatoes in our compost pile, and they grew new, delicious potatoes! Thank you for the celery tip. We have two bases starting now!

  9. Thanks for the tips! I am definitely going to try this. Now, for a tip to you……Celery has stalks not stocks. Looks like autocorrect got you.

    1. Oh my goodness. Either auto correct or the lack of paying attention in grade school:) Thanks, I have corrected my spelling error.

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