Homemade Sand – It’s Edible Too!

Homemade Sand - great DIY kids activity

While I was making my “Daily Dust” (ground flax and chia sprinkles for salads or any meal). I decided to add some Quinoa for added nutrients. When I was done, I noticed the texture was like the wet packable sand at the beach. My daughter went to the beach last summer, for her first time, and has been talking about it since. Now, she can have her own homemade sand to build castles with in our kitchen!

how to make edible sand that looks real!

How to make Realistic Edible Sand for Sandcastles


  • 1 Tablespoon Flax Seeds
  •  1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds
  • 1 Tablespoon Quinoa


Place in a grinder or Magic Bullet for 2 minutes. The oils found in the seeds make it packable, you do not need to add water. Then pour it out and make a sand castle!

I like to do kids activities in cookie sheets because the side walls keep the counter and the floor clean:)


how to make edible sandhow to make edible sand for projectshow to make edible sand for playtimehow to make edible sand for kidsHow to make realistic homemade sand that is edible!


My daughter is in the kitchen right now, completely entertained. And its nice to know that it is edible if she decides to put some in her mouth.  We love this DIY Sand Recipe!

What would your kids think of this?



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    1. I imagine that color both water and gel based would get on the hands. If you try it come on back for a report. I would be curious how it works out..

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