Hard-Toasted Eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs in a Toaster OvenI have seen that people are successfully making hard-boiled eggs in the oven. I wanted to try a more energy efficient technique. Today I tested cooking the eggs in the Toaster Oven and it worked.

I took 6 eggs, and placed them in the toaster.

IMG_4305I was not sure if they would crack so I put my crumb catcher tray underneath the rack. I put it 325ยบ and set the timer for 40 minutes (Yes I had to turn the dial back after they had been in there for 20 minutes because the timer doesn’t go for 40 minutes on my toaster oven).

Afterwards, I put them in a ice water bath for 10 minutes before peeling them. I am so excited about this new trick.


Have you ever made hard-boiled eggs in a unique way? How?

6 thoughts on “Hard-Toasted Eggs”

  1. It sounds like an interesting idea, but I don’t understand why you would want to take 40 minutes to cook an egg in a toaster oven, considering it only takes 20 minutes to cook an egg in boiling water.

    1. Well, only one reason really. I hate to admit that I am a little spacey sometimes. With this technique, I can just put them in and turn it on. The self timer will automatically turn it off if I get distracted. Even if I forget to do the ice bath, they are still good if you let them cool in the toaster. It just makes one less thing for me to manage in the day. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. I was looking for something like this as it’s cooler to do then using my gas stove as it heats up my little house.

  2. I cook my eggs in an electric kettle with an auto-off function.
    Put the eggs in, fill to max, leave to boil. About 20 minutes
    later, you have hard boiled eggs.
    This also covers the “spacey” issue.

  3. Thank you thank you!!!! My oven is temperamental and I can never figure out how to make less than a dozen hardboiled eggs in it! This is perfect! Plus this way I can use the toaster oven to make hard”boiled” eggs while I use the oven to bake chicken for a salad!! I too am not great at the actual boiling method. Haha.

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