Faux Fried Ice Cream

Faux Fried Ice Cream

We were invited to a dinner party with some friends and I volunteered to make a dessert.  The day leading up to the party was filled with kids activities and various other things that kept me busy.  I had planned to make my family’s famous Pumpkin Bars, but as the day got filled up with other obligations, I knew I wouldn’t have time to make them.  I got to work thinking about what to bring that would be easy.  I knew I had the ingredients for Gooey Chex Mix, but wanted something a little fancier.  Then I had an idea for a recipe that has probably been responsible for many other dinner party invites. 🙂  I love Gooey Chex mix, and I realized that the flavors resemble that of fried ice cream.  I had the idea to mix all the dry ingredients from that recipe and take a big ball of vanilla ice cream and roll it up in the mixture.  I finished it off by drizzling some yummy caramel over the top and buh-bam!  My husband says he likes the” faux fried” version better than the real deal!  It is SO easy and SO good!  Give this recipe a try for your next get together!

faux fried ice cream ingredients

Faux Fried Ice Cream

1/2 gallon vanilla ice cream

1 jar of your favorite caramel topping

3 cups crushed Golden Grahams

1/2 c. toasted coconut (don’t skip the toasted part!)

1/2 lightly toasted sliced almonds


Mix all the ingredients (except for the ice cream and caramel) together in a big bowl.  Scoop ice cream and roll in balls about the size of a baseball. (Tip: slip some baggies over your hands to keep the ice cream from getting on you and everything else.) Roll the ball in the mixture until completely covered by the crunchy deliciousness. Place on serving plates and drizzle with caramel.  Yummmm!

If you are a chocolate lover, there are no rules here!  Try drizzling hot fudge sauce over the top too!

Faux Fried Ice Cream!





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