Easy Back to School Tradition

Easy Back to School Tradition


Balloon Time Helium Tank

Ribbon (included with tank)

Balloons (also included with the tank)

That is it! Easiest project ever!

We are in the process of moving and scheduled our movers on the first day of school…crazy, I know! We have been packing and organizing and dejunking for weeks.  I figured our back to school festivities would be a little bland this year.  I was so wrong. This year was the easiest and most festive back to school morning yet.  As I was packing boxes, I called my husband on his way home and asked him to go to the store and grab a Balloon Time helium tank. Kids love balloons!

The morning of school was awesome! As my  kids were eating breakfast, I was filling up bright colored balloons. It was so easy!  My kids loved it and I did too. The Balloon Time helium tank comes with balloons and ribbon. This saved me! I didn’t have to rummage through boxes to look for ribbons and balloons. I was so relieved that it had everything I needed to make a stressful day more fun. As we left, I had the kids stand with a bunch of balloons by the front door. They were thrilled.

Back to school balloons

After my older boys left, my preschooler wanted to make a hot air balloon. We grabbed a basket and tied the balloons to it.  No one needs to know he just got out of bed. I put a nice shirt over his pajamas and I put some water in his hair. They turned out so cute!

Hot air balloons

Life is stessful and chaotic sometimes. During my stressful moving week, the Balloon Time helium tank was a highlight!  I will have these precious photos of my kids going back to school forever.  And I will probably keep a spare Balloon Time tank in my gift closet for special occasions… You should too!!!  Go check out their website here!

Balloon Time Helium Tank


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Balloon Time. The opinions and text are all mine.

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