DIY Ice Melter


DIY Ice Melter for your windshild

Now that winter is in full swing, we break out all our winter gear.  Usually that is exciting because as the snow clothes, and the skis, and snowboards come out, so does the fun. The one winter  The only thing I don’t like about Utah winters is the ice. I can deal with ice on the sidewalks, and driveway, but the ice on the windshield is a different animal. You can’t just throw ice melter on your windshield; it doesn’t work that way. That means you have to scrape, and scrape, and scrape some more, just to clear enough space to peer through to pull out of the driveway, get on the road, and hope the defrost does it’s thing before you get to any main roads.  I’ve read about some homemade de-icers that you can spray on your windshields to clear up the ice, but this year I was finally motivated to give it a try.  I made my own DIY Ice Melter, and it was amazing! I couldn’t wait to try it out on my windshield. I just brushed off the snow, walked around the whole car, spraying the windshield and every window quite liberally with the DIY Ice Melter. Then I walked back around the car with the scraper. As I ran in down the glass surfaces, the ice cleared right away. NO SCRAPING INVOLVED! I’m in love! Here are the details of the concoction I made:


DIY Ice Melter

1 – 24 oz. spray bottle

2 oz. rubbing alcohol

5 drops dish soap

warm water


Take out all your supplies:

DIY Ice Melter supplies

Pour rubbing alcohol in to the bottle first.

 DIY Ice Melter Alcohol

Add 5 drops dish soap.

 DIY Ice Melter Dish Soap

Fill the rest of the bottle up to 20 oz. with warm water.

 DIY Ice Melter Warm Water

Place the top securely on the bottle and shake it to mix the solution.

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8 thoughts on “DIY Ice Melter”

  1. Once you have mixed this solution up can you leave the spray bottle in the auto without freezing and will it still work?
    I use the rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle now and it still will freeze somewhat but will clear the windows soon. Also is a great glass cleaner!

    1. So far I have been able to leave it in the car without it freezing. That being said, it hasn’t been an extremely cold winter. Still cold enough to ice the windows though. I’ll make a note if it ever does freeze and let you all know, but up until now it’s been okay to leave it in the car.

  2. I have made this concoction in various ways. I live in Michigan. It doesn’t work up here. Maybe in a climate that doesn’t get so cold and dumped on with snow and ice. And I have seen warm water crack MY windshield.

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