DIY Dollhouse Christmas Decor

Every year on the Monday following Thanksgiving we set up our Christmas decorations. This year, however, we had a 5-year-old that held her Dad to his word. After he strung the Christmas lights on the house as a form of pre-planning for the¬†weather’s sake, she begged and begged to light them nightly and put up the tree in the living room too. “After Thanksgiving”, was his constant reply. “Scrooge”, I would tease.

Friday morning after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, “Dad! It’s after Thanksgiving!”. He now had nothing to say, she won and we decorated early this year. I am glad we did. I love this time of year and her enthusiasm rubbed off. Time to start Christmas crafting.

A friend of mine gave me a Chrismas themed Paper Pack from Echo Park Paper that I have been excited to make something with. Since we had so much fun decorating our house, we decided to make some decorations for the dollhouse at Grandmas.

I used the T’was the Night Before Christmas Volume 2 Pack to create the tiny space then snapped some pictures with the trusty iPhone.

We created a mantle with stockings and garland, a rug, a tree with ribbon and some gifts for underneath. I am not sure who will be more excited when we go to grandma’s house next, the dolls or the 5-year-old.

I hope this gives you some fun inspiration to put your pretty paper to work. Happy Holidays!


This post was not Sponsored by Echo Park Paper Co.

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