Crate Training a Puppy: Well-Behaved Dog

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Crate Training A Puppy?

Are you not sure if your dog is trustworthy while at home alone yet?

Do you keep them in the kennel?

If you don’t think that your dog is ready to be in the home alone, they probably are not. It is OK to put a dog in a kennel sometimes. Even though you may feel bad for leaving them in there, don’t feel bad. As long as they are getting what they need (food, water, exercise) while outside the kennel, they will be just fine. A lot of dogs learn to actually like it for reasonable amounts of time, it can become their comfort zone if used consistently and appropriately.

Make sure that you have the proper size of kennel for your dog. The bigger the better is not the case for crates. You want a crate that is just large enough for the dog to go inside and turn around.

We just got a dog around Thanksgiving time and we have been researching dog-training. I have a fun tech secret for you to help you transition out of crate training a puppy. Now, you can keep your personal belongings safe.

You know how dogs need to be caught in the act of doing something wrong for you to correct them? If you come home to a chewed up boot, I am sure you know that it is too late for punishment. The dog won’t know what he did wrong because it was too long ago. This tip will solve that problem for when you are not around.

Crate Training A Puppy

Transitioning To Be a Well-Behaved Indoor Dog While You Are Away

To help transition out of crate training a puppy, and trusting them to wander the house while you are gone, you may want to invest in a nanny cam. Yes, that is right, a camera for your dog that you can watch from your smart phone. Make sure that the one you get has a two way audio, so that you can speak through the camera. If they get out of line and get out one of your children’s toys to chew on, you can press the microphone button and say, “NO.” immediately. They know your voice and your tone and if all goes well, they will leave it alone.

The trick while crate training a puppy is to leave for short amounts of time and gradually leave them out for longer periods of time.  Make sure that they have had plenty of exercise before you leave. WARNING. DO NOT LET THEM GET BORED. Leave them with their own chew toys or bones. Give them a variety of things to play with. In the beginning, you can keep them in one area. If they have been good while you were gone, praise them. If they have not, ignore them for a few minutes.

Where to buy a dog nanny camera?

Crate Training a Puppy until They are trusted to be alone at home

Here is the link to the one that I have. I like it a lot. It came with thorough instructions for easy set up. I have had no technical difficulties since I have owned it. It has a VERY clear picture in comparison to regular baby monitors. I like that I can monitor my dog from any smart device. My husband actually logged on from another state and was able to talk to us though it. The sound was broken up, likely due to slow internet speed, but it worked! I would definitely recommend it. I was provided with the VimTag Surveillance Camera in exchange for a review.  This was my experience.

I hope that this helps you crate train a puppy, and then transition to owning a well-behaved indoor dog. Let us know how it works for you.

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  1. Instead of a camera, download the “dog monitor” app. You can speak through it and see your dog. You just need two devices. It works great!

  2. Omg your dog exactly looks like our dog as well haha
    It may look same only to me but definitely have similarity!

    I was like Mother? Relative? Brother and sister? Haha
    How awesome !!

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