Chews To Be Strong – Pun Intended

Chews To Be Strong - Pun IntendedDo you remember what it was like being a teenager? More specifically, what it was like to eat like a teenager? I do. I remember using my munch money to buy Soft Pretzels and Nacho cheese for lunch from the snack stand at school. Or going on a slice of pizza for lunch everyday for a week. EEK. No balanced diet, no thought for calcium intake, no wonder I had broken three bones before I graduated.

I don’t remember the year, probably my senior year, my mom started buying Viactiv calcium chews. She shared one with me, and it didn’t take me long to locate her stash. Maybe she knew that I would go sneak them from out of her closet, maybe it was reverse psychology, keeping them tucked away so that they were even more desirable. But really? They are yummy chocolate chews… They are soft and chocolatey so there is no need to make them “MORE” desirable. Maybe she wasn’t using any psychological tactics and was just keeping them to herself. Sorry mom, if you are reading this, I misread/rationalized your motives and I ate all your chews. But look at it this way, new research shows that adults need 1000mg of calcium daily, and teenagers need 1300mg because young teens bodies only store calcium in their reserves until the age of 20. Soo.. I think I needed it more than you back then. Wink. Wink. 😉

If I was to ask you, as a reader, what can I eat or drink that gives me calcium? Your first answer would be milk, amiright? I read that only 15 percent of high school students drink milk; 9% of them were teen girls. I remember not liking milk either. Even adults need to boost their intake, around 68% of women are calcium deficient! On Viactiv’s website, it gives you plenty of “alternative to milk” calcium sources found in other foods, plus if you add the chews to your diet, each of the chews has 500mg of Calcium so with eating two per day, one with lunch and one with dinner, you have got 100% of what you need as an adult. Not to mention the additional Vitamins D and K.

Viactiv- chews to be strong

Viactiv has a campaign running called #BeActiv where you can “Chews to be strong”. Head over and check out all the buzz about how to get the proper calcium that you need. Now that I am a mom, I can pay attention and #BeActive for me and be prepared for my daughter.

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This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation on behalf of Viactiv that contains affiliate links. I received Viactiv products for my own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

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