15+ Uses For Milk Jugs

Milk Jug Uses

I saw something really interesting while on a bike ride with my family. A family purchasesildenafil here near us decided to put all the containers that they have used for a whole year into their pine tree. It looked like a fully decorated Christmas tree and it was only may! I don’t know about you, but I really hate throwing away containers. I always seem to find a good use for them. I wish more people, including myself, would buy more from the bulk bins, at stores like Winco, to cut down on consumption and waste. Until we decide that the earth is more important than convenience, here are some uses for your old milk jugs. Enjoy!

15+ Milk Jug Uses

  1. Funnel – Use this for bottling anything. If the container has a smaller mouth, cut a slit in the spout and squeeze it into the smaller mouth container.funnel
  2. Clean and easy pancake mixer – Place desired amount of pancake mix into the jug. Add water and shake smooth. Then pour the pancake mix right into the pan.
  3. Noise Maker – Fill with beans for your kid to shake, shake, shake. You may want to invest in a pair of these:)
  4. Scoop-   Scoop Anything! Dog food, snow for a snow cave, toys from the bathtub (remove lid to drain water)scoop
  5. Floatation Device – Only for good swimmers, not a lifesaving device.
  6. Dye Cut Plastic Shapes – Cut out the flat sides out. Then cut out shapes like skeleton bones to to hang up on the porch for halloween
  7. Exercise Dumbbell- Fill with water (a gallon of water equals 8 pounds). OR leave it empty and use it for resistance weights underwater
  8. Shovel – Cut a triangle out below the handle and cut the handle off. Start diggin!
  9. Multi-functional basin – cut off the top and use the bottom of the jug as a bucket for catching drips or holding paint for touch up painting around the house
  10. Igloo- For Teachers, collect all the families milk jugs for a month and hot glue an igloo in your classroom! So fun!
  11. Dustpan- dustpan
  12. Wasp Trap – Become educated on the Bee Population Declinebeetrap
  13. Store water for an emergency
  14. Lantern – place a flashlight or a headlamp facing into the jug full of water and it will radiate light. jug_light Image Source
  15. Shallow sink water redirector- Use Funnel instructions below except leave one side long along with the rounded corners to channel water.

Image Source 

What have you used your old jugs for? Please Share!

8 thoughts on “15+ Uses For Milk Jugs”

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  3. Rinse out well, re-fill with rainwater, put 5 or 6 holes in top, re-seal it. 1 Greenhouse watering can.

    1. Thanks Kerri-ann. That just sparked a bunch of ideas for more uses. I should save my next jug to water my house plants like that. It will save me from filling up a cup over and over. Our readers are so clever! I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Cut them in half vertically, and decorate with electrical tape, markers, glue on colored paper, ribbons, etc. They make great masks for Halloween or any time. I did this as a cub scout camp project and it went over very well.

    1. Wow, that sounds fun! Do you have any pictures? I would love to see how you did it! I bet that was memorable for those cubs.

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