12 Cheap Feather Inspired Jewelry

What is it about feather jewelry that I love so much? I used to really like wearing real-feather jewelry but it finally dawned on me that it came from an actual bird! I didn’t want to imagine how they harvested the feathers nor did I want to support it. Needless to say, I prefer the gold or silver variety of feather jewelry now. Also, check out my favorite Arrow Jewelry .

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Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 10.16.51 AM

This last one is not incredibly cheap but its my favorite!


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  1. Hey there, I love feathers and have over 50 sets of them in different colors. I bought them in Cherokee, NC to support my Native people. They’re made from real (mostly chicken, but some other) birds, but they’re collected from the ground where they run around and loose them naturally. They’re cleaned and dyed and attached to leather strips that have a loop in the end, into which I put a small, coated rubber hair band. I can then attach it to barretts, banana clips, or other hair clips. No birds are harmed or killed for their feathers.


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