10 Fun Ways To Eat A Quesadilla For Kids

Last night at my house, we were ready for a second dinner at about 10pm. Not the best, but it happens {a lot}. My husband usually makes a quesadilla when this happens. Instead of cutting it with a knife, we cut them into quarters with Kitchen Shears. We use Kitchen Shears for everything.  This time, my husband was being silly and started cutting it rapidly in all directions, as if he were making a snowflake. {He forgot to fold it first}. I started to daydream of unique quesadillas.

Bam. It hit me. Basketweave. basketweave quesadillabasketweave quesadilla2Yes, I know we are nerds but what else do you do when your kids have gone to bed right? No, the answer is not fold the 6 loads of clean laundry on the couch.  Anyway, here it is in all of its glory. The basketweave heart-shaped quesadilla. Pretty sure it is one of a kind. Also pretty sure it’s only real-life application would be to make for your kids lunch on Valentine’s Day.

heart quesadilla

I went the extra mile to make a .GIF for you too. You’re welcome.

heartshaped quesadilla basketweave

For lunch the next day, I made a cornucopia for my little girl.

Cornucopia Quesadilla

Here are 9 more ways to make quesadillas for your kids to make it more entertaining to eat. Click on the pictures to see the creative people behind them.

kids quesadillas


kid quesadilla

pilgrim hat quesadilla for kids


chick quesadilla for kids


yoda quesadilla

happy face quesadilla


Which is your favorite?


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