The Secret to Beautiful Skin

Want to know the secret to beautiful skin?

When our skin starts aging, it gets dry and dull.  That’s when our wrinkles begin to show. The best way to brighten up your face and make it soft and smooth is to use a gentle exfoliant as needed. Exfoliation gets rid of the dead skin cells that make our skin look dull. For years, I have been using baking soda as a natural facial exfoliant.  It is gentle and can be used daily. Every day, it feels like you have just had a micro-dermabrasion procedure!  There may be some who say that the pH is not right for our skin, but if you follow the exfoliation with a cleanser, it will balance out. Arm and Hammer even recommends it on their website.

Just mix a bit of baking soda in the palm of your hand and with wet fingers, create a paste. Massage it onto your face (avoiding the eye area.) Rinse.

Following the gentle exfoliation with baking soda, I use  Johnson’s Baby Wash every day.

When I was in college, my roommate used baby shampoo as an eye makeup remover. I thought she was onto a great idea. The “No More Tears” formula made it good to use around the eye area. (Be aware that direct contact in the eyes could still be irritating.) So, I started using it myself. I have used it most of my adult life since I always had it around when my kids were little.

Later, after my kids were beyond the “baby” stage, they came out with what are known as Baby Washes. They are a thinner consistency and are used as a shampoo/body wash for babies. I now use THIS every day instead of baby shampoo. It is probably the most gentle cleanser out there. (It’s gentle enough for a newborn baby’s skin!) The funny thing is, my husband, who is a big 6’ 4” guy now uses baby wash on his face every day.  He used it once when he ran out of his “manly scented” body wash! Now, when our pump bottle in the shower is getting low, he says: “we need more baby scrub!”


(As always, with any new beauty product, test it out and discontinue use if you have any irritation.)

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9 thoughts on “The Secret to Beautiful Skin”

  1. As far as I’m concerned, men are manly when they admit to using a product that is not considered “manly” and are not ashamed to say so. Just like when a man holds his new born baby and kisses the baby in public, its so beautiful.
    Thank you so much for the tip about baby products, I have sensitive skin and I never thought about using it….

  2. Great Idea.. I use baby wash for my face also, now I will try it with baking soda.. Could you please tell me what you use as a moisturizer for you face? Thank-you so..and Happy New Year!

  3. I’ve used baking soda and baby oil for years. It works great and softens as it cleanses. I’ll have to try it with baby shampoo too. Thx for sharing

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