Making Bath Time Fun for Toddlers

Are you struggling to get your kids excited about bath time? Don’t worry, it’s a challenge many parents face!

Fortunately, there are plenty of creative and fun ways to make bath time an enjoyable experience for both children and parents. From using fun bath toys to incorporating soothing music into the routine, taking regular baths can actually become something your family looks forward to with this helpful list of tried-and-true creative ideas to make bath time fun for your little one!

bath time fun for toddlers

1) Make bath time more fun by adding a few drops of colorful bubble bath. Kids love making beards on their faces or covering the walls and tiles with bubbly froth. However, I don’t recommend bubble baths for children under the age of three. Toddlers and infants are more prone to urinary tract infections.  Also, strong soaps can irritate their delicate skin.

2) Have your child pick out their favorite bath toys

bath time fun for toddlers

3) Play music in the background for a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere.  This can be a soothing way to help your child relax just before bedtime.

4)Bath time can be a blast for kids with a little imagination and creativity. Encourage some underwater play with plastic cups, sieves, and funnels that they can use to pour and catch water.

5) Additionally, make bath time a learning opportunity by introducing foam letters and numbers that stick to the sides of the tub.

bath time fun for toddlers

Bath time can easily transform into a playful, imaginative adventure for your little ones with just a few creative upgrades. Remember, the key to making bath time a delightful and engaging activity is to think outside of the box, and surprise your child with new and inventive ways to splash and play.  Here are some fun ways to try:

  • Engaging little ones in a fun and creative activity like making sponge boats can be a game-changer when it comes to bath time. As a parent, we are always on the lookout for ways to make routine tasks more enjoyable for our kids, and this innovative idea can bring a splash of whimsy to their regular bath routine! The beauty of Sponge Boats lies in their simplicity and the fact that they are quick and easy to create. Moreover, children can take pride in watching their handmade, custom-built creations float in the tub, making bath time a delightful experience that they will look forward to each day. So, go ahead and explore the world of sponge boats with your kids – adding that extra touch of fun and creativity makes all the difference!  Simple instructions can be found here at The Craft Train
bath time fun for toddlers
  • What’s more fun than Water Balloons in the bathtub?  Fill the tub with 30 balloons filled with a little water.  There’s enough air in them that they will float!  Your kids will love the feel of these slippery, rubbery orbs and will want to play for hours.  Learning for Kids suggested this bathtime option for toddlers to tweens.
  • With some children’s body wash, cornstarch and liquid food coloring you can make homemade Bath Time Paint.  Your little ones can finger paint or use large or small paint brushes or sponges to create magical paintings on the sides of your tub. Clean up is a breeze because the paints are made with soap.
  • Creating an indoor Water Wall for kids to play with in the bathtub can be a fun and creative way to make bath time even more enjoyable! Using plastic tubing and PVC connectors, parents can easily construct a water wall that will entertain their children for hours. It’s not as complicated as it sounds.  Anyone can do it. Not only does it provide a fun alternative to traditional bath toys, but it is also educational as children will be able to explore different concepts such as gravity, pressure, and momentum.  Thanks to Momma’s Fun World for this fun activity for kids to explore.
  • The easiest bath time idea ever is shared by Busy Toddler. It’s a Popsicle Bath!  The sticky popsicle mess is totally contained and no child can resist the sweet, cool taste of a frozen popsicle on their tongue. Why not make your own popsicles from pureed fresh berries or yogurt and fruit? There won’t be any arguments or hassle around bath time when a yummy treat is dangled as bait.  They will be begging for a hop in the tub!
  • Do you have some craft foam and a permanent marker?  Then you have everything you need to make a Car-themed Bath Experience for your little ones.  Stir the Wonder came up with this idea that brings outside play right into the bathtub.  Add some cars and you can create road signs, a town or a racetrack and let imaginations run wild. Mater and Lightning McQueen need a car wash every now and then too.
bath time fun for toddlers
  • Make bath time science time!  Ali Wright gives us some wonderful suggestions to take advantage of simple experiments in water and engage kiddos while helping them to learn and discover.  With a spray bottle, an eye dropper, covered plastic containers, straws, funnels and a sieve the bathtub can become a lab.  For a list of ideas and supplies to create your child’s  Bath Science Lab and discussion topics check out Childhood101. Who knows—you might learn something too.
  • Although it takes some planning ahead and a few supplies, I LOVE this creative idea from Totally the Bomb!  Make Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs!  Watching a bath bomb fizz away is entrancing for any child, but when they discover it’s actually a dinosaur egg with a cute baby stegosaurus  inside they will be begging for their bath night after night.

Bath time for children can be an opportunity to teach them about hygiene and self-care, while also having fun. By creating a playful atmosphere with toys, music, or supplies found in your home you can make the bath time experience enjoyable and educational. With some ingenuity and imagination on your part, you’ll have kids looking forward to their nightly baths! Bathtime doesn’t just have to involve getting clean – it can be a chance for kids to learn new things and experiment too. Help your little ones to enjoy this important daily ritual in a positive way by making it fun and exciting.

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